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     Alice was petite. At thirty years of age, she could still pass for sixteen. With her hair in braids and tied with bows, and her innocent blue eyes, she was the perfect fantasy for many men. Picking them up was never a problem, and, smiling sweetly, she took them to her custom-built playroom.

But Alice’s playroom was very special. Every piece of apparatus had a special purpose, each one adapted to meet her particular needs, and Alice’s playmates found themselves prisoners, to be humiliated, tormented and trained, painfully, until they were the meek, submissive husbands their wives wanted them to be.

Alice had a reputation for her skill at correcting men’s domineering attitude or wandering eye, and suffering wives were soon willing to pay large amounts to have their husbands “trained”…

The furnishings were plush and frilly pastels, giving the room a completely feminine look.  Michael decided the softness suited Alice, and he smiled to compliment her decorating efforts when he heard her footsteps approaching from the hall.

The words froze on his lips before he could speak, and then he smiled.  Alice held a small serving tray with their drinks and she had changed her outfit.  Her hair hung down in long braids, tied with satin bows that matched her eyes.  Her fluffy skirted short dress was a mass of ruffles, ending at the top of her thighs.  Michael watched as Alice turned her flat shiny black shoes, and she twisted one ankle so that her foot balanced on the toe.  She bent over and her big blue eyes widened.  “Here’s your drink, daddy.”

Michael saw the creamy flesh of her bare bottom and his fingers itched.  Holy shit.  And to think I was going to settle for a half-assed blowjob from Amanda tonight.  He was startled, and trying to figure out how to respond, and he reached for the glass and took a long drink.  Alice took hers, and then she bent over to place the tray on the table.  She made sure her legs were slightly bent so that he could see her little girl naked pussy between her spread thighs.  Oh my god.

Alice sat on his lap and she clinked glasses with him.  He had not said a word and appeared to be frozen, though his eyes were filled with lust.  Alice stroked a finger along his jaw line.  She stared into his eyes and said softly, “So, you see why it’s going to be difficult for me?”

Michael’s throat was tight, and he knew damn well that she had to feel the erection pressing into her bare bottom.  “Actually, Alice,” his voice was almost a croak, and he swigged some more scotch.  “I think your boyfriend must be crazy to let you go.”

Alice’s face broke into a huge smile, and Michael was amazed that she could transform into such a child.  “He told me that lots of guys had this fantasy.  I thought maybe he was just telling me that so I wouldn’t feel so self-conscious.  I think most people might feel uncomfortable with it, but I find it exciting.”  Her eyes flashed with seductive playfulness.

Michael downed half his drink.  “No, though I do have to admit that this is new to me.  It’s something I never considered, but I can assure you, Alice, that I find this whole scene extremely arousing.”

Alice waited until his drink was almost gone, while sipping slowly on her cocktail.  She laid her glass on the table and wrapped her arms around his neck.  Alice stared into his eyes and she pouted.  “I’ve been a very, very naughty girl, daddy.”

Michael leaned forward and brushed his lips against her pout.  “And what do you think we should do about that, Alice?” he whispered.  His mind twisted and blended the vision of the petite, sophisticated woman he had first met, and the little girl enchantress sitting on his lap.  Michael was enthralled with her and feeling slightly ‘naughty’ himself for allowing her seduction.  This game was exciting him.  The proof was in his swollen cock and the balls that were pulsing with anticipation.

No matter what this version of Alice had in mind, Michael was confident her plans would include fucking later.  He was not surprised that his handsome dark looks had caught her attention.  Finding willing partners had never been a problem for him, but Alice was different from any of the conquests he had made in the past and his fingers trembled at the thought of exploring her tiny figure.

Alice surprised him again when she jumped up and squealed with delight.  She folded over his lap and the ruffles of her skirt bunched up, exposing her bare bottom.  Alice looked up over her shoulder at him, and she smiled.  The strangest thing was that Alice really did not mind this part of her game.  She liked watching the men practically salivate with desire for her… and knowing that it was the last time she would see true pleasure on their faces.  Even while Alice graduated the men through the playground, every arousing moment for her playmates was tempered with pain.

Michael stared at the small, rounded, pale globes facing him.  He looked into her wide blue eyes, and then let his hand came down with a resounding slap.  He caressed her bottom and was alarmed by the warmth of the red print.  Michael thought he might have hurt her, until she began to wiggle her ass and rub her pussy against his crotch.  Oh shit.  She’s really turned on by this.

Michael realized that he was really turned on as well.  He felt masterfully powerful over the diminutive woman, and his mind wandered to some imaginary infraction he was punishing her for.  Michael smacked her bottom again and he received the same response, except this time he heard her gasp.  After he rubbed her cheeks, he could not resist pushing his fingers between her crevice and brushing her bare pussy.  Her lips were soft and slightly swollen, and his fingers came away warm and wet.  The scene was so arousing that Michael felt his head begin to swim a bit.  He could never remember being so enflamed with anticipation that his thoughts had become muddled.

After the fifth slap, which Alice noted was off to the side of one cheek, she looked up and saw that his eyes, although filled with almost a leering sexual passion, were already becoming slightly disoriented.  Alice knew that she could never transport him downstairs if he passed out here, so she stood and held out her hand, twisting her toe in her coy little way.  “Would you like to see my playground?” she asked shyly.

“Very much, Alice.”  Michael stood, and ignored the heaviness of his legs.  He still thought his unusual reaction was due to the girl’s arousing game.

By the time they reached the basement, Alice noted his lop-sided grin.  She switched on the light and his mouth dropped open.  Alice spun in a circle, causing the ruffles on her dress to rise and display her bottom and pussy while she twirled.  “What do you think?”

Michael gaped at the basement playground, resting on a carpet of green grass.  There were stuffed animals and errant wagons and scooters strewn against the walls, but it was the swings, gliders, and other toys that caught his attention.

There were strategically placed bolts and chains, and Michael could tell that the brightly colored equipment in Alice’s playground had been altered for sexual games.  He had never seen an actual bondage dungeon before, but he knew this was what was surrounding him… with all the devices painted in glossy primary colors and designed from childhood toys.  His dwindling cock tried to stand again.  Man, she’s really into this little girl scene.  Naturally, Michael assumed the erotic toys were something to bind Alice to.

“Come see the doggie house first,” Alice coaxed in her best little girl voice, tugging at his hand.  Remaining in character, she tried to skip a few steps, and then sighed in exasperation and straightened up to lead him.  The drug had hit him fast and he was practically staggering, but his eyes continued to sweep around the room.  By the time he was in front of the doghouse, his legs buckled and he fell to the ‘grass’.

“Oops,” Alice giggled.  She sat beside him with her legs crossed, spreading herself and giving him an unobstructed view of her little pink slit.  “I think you had too much to drink, daddy,” she scolded.


Michael stared at her glistening pussy, and he looked up and he tried to focus his blurred vision.  Her cute little girl face was changing back to the seductive woman, and he could barely feel her finger as she reached out to stroke down his jaw.  His tongue felt thick and words were out of his grasp.  The few times the thought ‘drugged’ floated through his mind; it made no sense and he released the attempt to explore the concept.

Alice narrowed her gaze and she stared into his eyes, while her voice lowered to a seductive threat.  “Margie says that you’ve been a very naughty boy, daddy… and she’s asked me to punish you.”  There was a flash of fear in his dark eyes, and then they closed.

Alice ran her fingers through his dark wavy hair, and she sighed and set to work.  She stripped him, noting that his muscles were somewhat soft while she struggled to turn and bend his body.  The picture that Margie had provided her with was from a few years ago, and a time when Michael still bothered to workout at the gym instead of philandering through secret clubs with a string of mistresses.  Alice ran a finger down the length of his cock, enjoying the warmth of his skin and noticing the drug had made his shaft flaccid.  She circled his crown with her fingertip and he never quivered in response to her stroking.

Michael was almost six feet tall, but height never deterred Alice.  She had discovered long ago that no matter how big ‘daddy’ was, controlling his cock and balls was all that she needed to do.  She had perfected a method that was simple, and it kept her new playmate in just enough pain to never question her authority.

Alice rose and walked to her shiny red toy chest to get the restraints that she would need.  In the middle of the roomsat a small white tea table with pink tulips painted onto the backs of the two chairs and a larger motif in the center of the table.  Currently, the tulip painted on the table was obscured by a black box.  Alice picked it up and she brought it back to where Michael lay sleeping.  She set it on the faux grass surface with her other toys.

The box held the collar that Margie had chosen, with Michael’s name slipped into the clear pocket just above a securing ring.  Alice closed her eyes and her tongue stroked her lips at the sound of the metal clasp sliding together around his neck.  She opened her eyes and wrapped her fingers under the leather, tugging hard to make sure that it was locked.

The heavy cuffs matched the black collar, and she wrapped two of them around his wrists.  Once again checking to make sure they were secure, she scooted on her bottom towards his feet.  The plastic grass felt deliciously naughty against her red cheeks, and Alice considered the enthusiastic spanking she had received upstairs.  She returned her concentration to the task at hand, and once the cuffs were locked onto his ankles, Alice hooked a one-foot metal chain between them.  She added another chain between his wrists, and then she scrambled to her feet to go back to her toy chest.

When she returned, she flicked his limp penis with her fingers and gave a light squeeze to his loose, sagging sack.

When there was no response, Alice shrugged and she measured two metal rings against his testicle pouch.  It took some concentration and pushing to slip his balls through the smaller one, and Alice considered how wonderfully painful it would become when he was aroused.  Sadistically, she tightened the adjustment on the band further.


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