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Alongside our world is another, a spirit world of the American Indians, where the white man hasn’t destroyed the herds of buffalo and where the Indian tribes live in much the same way they have existed for centuries.

There is a link between the worlds but it is rarely used, and for those who find it the consequences may be terrifying. Showing disrespect to an Indian in our world may be enough, if the spirits agree, and the perpetrator of the disrespect will find himself or herself transported to the other world with no hope of return, and forced to become a slave to the tribes of the other world.

So it was for Kayla and her two friends. Although her Indian boyfriend stole from her, breaking up their relationship was enough to condemn Kayla. The young man’s grandmother wanted revenge on Kayla, and soon the three young women were facing a lifetime of pain, sexual torment and punishment at the hands of the warriors of the Wehali tribe in the other world. Even so, there was something about the muscle-bound warriors that was both arousing and exciting, and perhaps the spirits were trying to map a future for the girls and for the Wehali tribe that no one could possibly have foretold.

Aubrey finished collecting eggs from different nests of hay. She turned to leave the barn, and froze. A half naked man stood in the doorway. She watched his long black hair and the fringe on his pants waving in the breeze. His black stare silently followed her path around the barn. His eyes were alert, and Aubrey thought that he was waiting to see if she would scream or run.


Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Be calm. Clara told us what to do. She gripped the basket with both hands to try to keep from shaking. “I think Henry and Clara are in the house.” Aubrey tried to sound casual, but her mouth and throat were dry and she sounded hoarse. She put her head down so he could not see the fear in her eyes, and brushed by him to walk to the cabin. Her knees were knocking and she had to force herself not to run and to walk at a normal pace.


Kayla and Cici had been peeling vegetables, but they had both put their knives on the table. Clara had warned them about holding weapons if the Indians showed up. The men were spread out and leaning against the wall with the door. The Indian from the barn had followed Aubrey back, and he stopped in the open doorway.


Nashoba and his men had walked in without knocking. He stood in the center of the room, and his men automatically spread along the wall offering escape. He sent Ahiga to see if anyone was in one of the outbuildings. If someone in the cabin caused a commotion, the missing captive would not have time to try to hide.


Nashoba’s flashing black eyes studied the two girls at the table. They were trying to look calm, but there was fear and strain on their faces. He was looking at the cow and the one with raven hair. She was pretty, and his cock stirred slightly at the thought of keeping her. He wondered if the one that was missing would be the true raven.


A golden haired girl walked into the cabin with a basket clenched in her hands and Ahiga following her. Nashoba’s dark eyes followed her while she walked over to her friends. Her eyes were soft green and darting around the room in fear, but she did not cry out. Her breasts pushed against her apron while she breathed in quick, nervous breaths. Nashoba could see that his white woman was very frightened. He studied her, silently staring and letting his eyes travel the length of her body. With her golden hair, she was much more beautiful than the raven. Nashoba’s cock thickened and brushed against his breechclout.


He turned to look at the warriors. He could see their contempt for the raven building in their eyes. It was far worse for one of alluring looks to seduce a warrior and then rebuke him. Nashoba knew that the raven had already tried to use her beauty on him. Her punishment would be severe.


Clara’s voice quivered slightly when she spoke up, “They are from the east. They are not…” Clara’s words stuck in her throat when Tocho strode over to her and glared down at her. She began trembling and trying to shrink into Henry’s protection.


Nashoba stared at his frightened white woman. “You are travelers.”


His deep voice broached no argument, and Aubrey wanted to run and hide from the Indian’s gaze. He kept staring at her with no expression, and she grasped her basket tighter, the denial frozen in her throat and unable to be spoken. Aubrey could tell by his eyes that he knew the truth. There was no way this man was going to fall for an inept attempt at a ruse. A sinking feeling swirled the contents of her breakfast in her stomach, and seemed to drop it as a solid, cramping lump. She forgot all the plans she made with Kayla to fight them, kicking, screaming, and hitting them with heavy wooden bowls.


Oh my god. He’s huge. Aubrey stared back at the man. He was well over six feet tall, with rippled bronzed muscles tightened under the skin of his arms and chest. Shining black hair… as black as his eyes… waved like a sheet down his back and almost touched the top of his buckskin breechclout. There was not a wasted inch on the Indian that was not sinewy strength… and there were too many like him, lined up to block the door.


Tocho gripped Clara’s chin, forcing her tearing eyes to look up at him. “We were told they were to head south. You did well, to keep them here,” he said in a low voice. Clara was quivering, and she had to force herself not to disrespect him and anger him further by looking away.


She had been both surprised and terrified when the chief’s son walked in. Even though Tocho and Nashoba were good friends, Clara had never known Nashoba to join him to collect travelers. At first, she was afraid he was sent to punish Henry and her. Silently, she watched him study the captives. When Aubrey walked in, it was obvious why Nashoba had made the journey with Tocho.


“They don’t know… all of it. Please, Tocho.” Clara’s voice was a trembling whisper. Pleading with him was her only option. He knew that she had attempted to lie to them to protect the travelers.


“I would not have traded you to someone like the farmer if not for your weakness, Sahkyo.” Tocho put his hand over the breast with his lion claw. His other hand pushed back her bonnet, and he sifted strands of her hair between his fingers. Silver mixed with the chestnut, but she was still pretty and would always belong to him. “Not so much the Mink any more,” he said quietly. “But, you will always be my Sahkyo, and I knew you would try to hide them. You will always try to hide them, even though you know that you can’t.”


Henry had not been as observant as Clara, and it had not occurred to him why Nashoba had come for the travelers. “Tocho, it is obvious you want Clara back. I will trade you for the one with green eyes. She did nothing against the Indians, and Clara disrespected the tribe. It should be a fair trade.”


Tocho smiled and ran his thumb down Clara’s cheek. He turned to Henry. “You will have to trade with the chief’s son. The woman belongs to him.”


Tocho could see the sadness in Sahkyo’s eyes. He knew that she had never liked living with the farmer, but he still fought a jealous rage when he thought of Henry sleeping next to his Mink while his own sleeping furs were empty.


Cici was terrified. The whole time, a part of her did not believe that Indians would really come for them. They were big and frighteningly primal… savage. And, they were men. The panic built as she thought about the Indians taking them away to their village. No… no… I can’t do this. I might be able to make it at the farm, but not with savages. “It’s Kayla,” she gasped. Cici pointed across the table. “Kayla is the one you want, not us.”


“Cici, oh god.” Aubrey moved to stand in front of Kayla, still holding the basket. She was shaking. The girls had made a pact not to say which one of them was the cause. They hoped the Indians would only want the one they felt had wronged the tribe, and it would screw up whatever plans the savages had for them.


Nashoba straightened. His white woman had pride and bravery. Her breasts were straining against the dress while she breathed. They were swelled, nicely firm, with large nipples poking against her apron. Nashoba stroked his thumb over the pads of his fingers, imagining how it would feel to be rolling the taut protuberances and pinching them. How frightened she was, and yet she tried to protect the raven. Nashoba would teach her how the girl had deceived her, and she would learn to despise her.


Aubrey felt Kayla’s fingers grip the back of her skirt, and she could hear her beginning to cry. Aubrey put the basket on the table and curled her hand when she scooped up the knife. She pulled her hand to the back as if she were calming Kayla, and tucked the knife into the tie of her apron.


Aubrey licked her lips and looked around the room. There was not an inch of fat on any of them, and as all had their bronzed chests and arms visible this was quite noticeable. A crazy thought that she was glad they did not have Mohawks went through her head. They all had long black hair, loose and hanging over their shoulders. Some had feathers, and some did not. One had three, so she figured he must be the leader. Other than the one talking to Clara, he was the only one who had spoken.


Nashoba walked up to Aubrey and stared down at her. He was a powerfully built man and she began trembling when she looked up at him. She whimpered when his hand cupped her chin. Aubrey’s skin sizzled where he touched her, and she smelled an earthy spice scent mixed with his leather breeches. He was easily the most dangerously handsome man she had ever seen, and she was alarmed when she felt a clenching wetness in response to his nearness. It was an involuntary reaction that her body answered, despite her terror.


Nashoba knew the wisdom of the spirit guides when he looked down into her eyes. They were not the bright color of flashing jewels like the raven’s, meant to disrupt and unsettle a man. They were a soft green like the plants on the prairie. She did not drop her gaze from his face, even though he could see she was terrified. He was proud of his woman for trying to be brave, though her fear stirred his cock, tightening his balls with need.


Nashoba studied her quivering lips. He imagined them on his shaft, lightly caressing him. His thumb brushed down her cheek, and she fought the tears filling her eyes. “You are Wicasa,” he murmured. “Sage.”


Aubrey was frozen while she stared into his pitch black eyes. They shined with fierce intensity that seemed both hot with passion and cold with a commitment that her pleading would be useless. His warm hand released her chin and his arm reached slowly around her. With a steady movement, Nashoba grabbed Kayla’s arm and he flung her towards the door.


Kayla screamed, and Aubrey stepped away from him. Nashoba continued to stare at Aubrey and he called back, “Tocho?”


Tocho smiled at Clara. “If you only kept the travelers safe until we arrived, you would not have to be punished, Sahkyo. But, you try to deceive us, just as you did in your old spirit world. Don’t you know that travelers cannot be hidden from the Wehali?” He turned to join the other Indians. Henry put his arm around Clara, and they waited for the Indian’s punishment.


Kayla was sobbing on the floor and looking up at the two Indians glaring down at her. “You don’t understand. I liked Bobby. I gave him so many chances…”


Aubrey’s spell was finally broken from Nashoba when Kayla screamed. Kayla’s cap had fallen back when Nashoba tossed her, and an Indian was lifting her to her feet by her long dark hair. She was shrieking and trying to pry his hand loose.


“You gave a warrior chances?” Tocho sneered. The girl was petrified, yet she was still using her tears to try to weaken him. “Your seducing looks will not work for you here. We know your true face.”


“Oh god,” Kayla wailed. “Bobby wasn’t a warrior. He was a drug addict who stole from me.”


Aubrey watched in terror when a savage standing behind Kayla threw a leather noose around her neck. “No,” she screamed. When she tried to run to her, Nashoba wrapped an arm under her breasts and he pulled her back against his chest. “This is not your business, Wacasa. She has disrespected our tribe.”


“No.” Aubrey tried to twist out of his hold, but he was far too strong. She became increasingly aware of the raw strength of the muscles surrounding her and pulling her into the intoxicating scent of him. She felt his other hand move between them, and a few seconds later he was holding her hidden knife in front of her. Aubrey’s heart sank and her mind frazzled in greater fear. She knew that her own attempt to conceal the knife helped to strengthen the Indian’s belief that the women were not to be believed.


“Tocho, the farmers gave them weapons.” Nashoba tossed it onto the table.


Cici was still sitting with her chubby thighs quivering and her knees knocking. “We were cutting vegetables,” she said quickly, not trying to hide the panic in her voice. She was afraid she would be in trouble for having a knife in front of her. The Indians ignored her.


Kayla was struggling to breathe, and she could feel the man behind her tightening the leather strap around her neck. The glaring savage in front of her reached around her and untied the sashes to her apron. It dropped to the floor. Kayla felt his fingers reach for the buttons on her dress, and she panicked and swept a long leg out at him. “Get away from me, you son of a bitch.”


Tocho’s fingers clenched around her breast and she shrieked, still wheezing breath through the noose. Kayla was getting dizzy, and her few ragged inhales were exhaled in sobs. There was no way to scream, and it felt as though he was ripping her breast off. She stopped kicking at him and focused on trying to breathe.


Tocho kept clutching her breast with one hand while he slipped the buttons open. Kayla was gripping under the leather strap around her throat, trying to loosen it so she could breathe. She slipped one hand free and tried to bat the Indian’s hand away while he pushed the sleeves off her shoulders. The Indian behind her tugged the leash, and her hand immediately rose to pry the constricting leather away from her throat.


Tocho took advantage of the distraction, and he reached behind her to open the button at the top of the skirt. He pushed the top over her hips, and the raven stood trembling and naked with the discarded dress and apron pooled around her feet.


Clara turned her head into Henry’s shirt and cried. “Oh god, Henry. I’m so sorry.” Tocho was wrong. Clara would turn the travelers away, next time. She could not bear to watch the Indians claim them, and the punishment to Henry was not worth it. Henry kept Clara’s face buried in his shirt while his eyes narrowed and he focused on Kayla. She was everything Clara was not; lithe and firm, a beautiful young face… and the current object of the warriors’ wrath. Oh, they’ll have themselves a party with that one.


Kayla screamed again when the Indian grabbed her hands away from the choking leather. She felt her knees giving way and a throbbing pain behind her eyes. The Indian had no trouble securing her wrists tightly. As soon as he released them, she raised them to her throat and continued to try to loosen the noose. Why is this happening?


Tocho picked up the apron, ripped a piece off the bodice and wrapped it over the raven’s mouth. “We will not listen to more of your insults and lies.”


Finally, the noose was loosened and Kayla inhaled through flaring nostrils. She was so stunned she did not even realize she was nude, until she noticed the Indian’s narrowed eyes fixed on her breasts. Kayla shrieked and twisted when the fierce Indian cupped her breasts and squeezed harshly. He glared into her swimming blue eyes and smiled in sadistic triumph.


Kayla felt the Indian behind her move, and the leather end of the noose slapped down on her bottom. Tocho reached between her thighs, grasped the loose end and pulled it up between her legs. He yanked so that the lead cut between the cheeks of her bottom and smashed against her pussy. Kayla reached out with her bound hands to grab the strap away from him. Tocho merely raised his fist and pulled the tether tighter, cutting into her slit and tightening the noose around her throat again.


Kayla’s frightened gaze searched the room, stopping on the farmers. Help me. Why aren’t you doing something to stop them? Henry had his chin on Clara’s head, and his eyes were focused on where the tether was splitting Kayla’s pussy lips open.


Kayla felt her lungs burning, and she looked up at Tocho, pleading with her eyes. Tocho stared patiently, waiting for the raven to figure it out. If she struggled, she would have a very painful journey to the village. Kayla’s hands rose again to her throat to loosen the noose, while she gasped hitching sobs. She finally lowered her bound wrists, and the Indian immediately let the leash go slack.


Aubrey was continuing to struggle in Nashoba’s arms, screaming for the Indians to release Kayla. “Let her go. She didn’t do anything.” Aubrey felt fingers thread through her hair and pull her head back.


Nashoba leaned down, and said, “Silence, Wacasa.”


Aubrey felt the hand clutching her hair loosen and drop to the neck sash of the apron. The white top fell down onto the skirt. The strong arm he had wrapped under her breasts tightened when the belt was pulled free and the apron slipped to the floor. When his hands reached for the buttons at her throat, Aubrey thrashed and tried to pry his arm loose. “Let go of me,” she cried. She could see one of the Indians walking Kayla outside, leading her by the strap threaded between her legs.


“We allow nothing of the white man in our village,” Nashoba said.


“But I am white,” Aubrey cried. Oh god. This can’t be happening.


“You are neither white, nor Indian. You are mine,” Nashoba stated. “Put your hands down, Wacasa.” He turned to Clara. “Tell her who I am, Sahkyo.”


Clara stared at Nashoba. Even after all these years she could never forget the powerful man. “He is Nashoba, the Wolf. He is the chief’s oldest son.”


Nashoba’s black gaze fixed on her. “You remember me.” He dropped his stare and rubbed Aubrey’s temple with his chin, inhaling her scent.


Clara looked into Aubrey’s terrified eyes. “He owns you now.”

5.0 out of 5 stars A sprawling, ambitious erotic romance January 8, 2012

By Critical Mass

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

What if there were a world separate from ours, a spirit world with an alternate history differing from our own? What if a select few had the power to cross over into this world - or cause others to cross over? This is one of the central themes of this dark, ambitious erotic adventure. A group of young women find themselves stranded in a world much like our own, yet with serious, terrifying differences. In this spirit world, the Indian Wars of the American plains appear to have either not been fought, or the victors turned out to be much different than those of our official known history. The story follows the efforts of these stranded women to get back home, and in the meantime, adapt to life in a land strictly controlled by the Wehali tribe.


This fascinating premise serves as the backdrop for this capture/non-consent erotic romance. The setting allows the author to explore the erotic possibilities of a Native American dominated West that other stories merely hint at. The author's exploration of these possibilities is well written, hot, and occasionally disturbing. Like several of Ms. Smith's other stories, the villains in Captive Travelers are sometimes difficult to pin down, with mysterious, ambiguous motivations. This fact allows the reader a chance to "fill in the blanks" somewhat, and is a sign of a writer comfortable with her plot and narrative.


The sexual content of the story is very graphic and explicit; no purple prose here! You'll find yourself looking up more than one Native American word in this one, and either blushing or cringing at their definitions:) The excellent prologue probably has the harshest of the sexual content, so a potential reader who likes the prologue will not be put off by the content in the rest of the book. As in much of Ms. Smith's darker BDSM erotica, there is in addition to plenty of M/F sex, quite a bit of F/F interaction as well, some of it quite harsh. There is some whipping, spanking, humiliation and even some dehumanization. However, considering what really sometimes happened to captives of Native American tribes, the content here is nowhere near as grim as "real life". It should be noted that this is first and foremost a capture/non-consent tale, so those readers averse to such themes may not be comfortable with this one. For those that enjoy this particular genre, the capture scenes in this story are masterpieces, fair crackling with sexual tension; alone these scenes are easily worth the price of admission. For those readers looking for HEA/HFN, but who are not fans of capture/non-con, there is something for them as well if they can stick around through the darker content.


Adventurous erotic romance readers looking for an unconventional setting, evocative description, gripping action, and sizzling sexuality, will find Captive Travelers to be a most interesting read. Enjoy!



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