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Atlantis Series - Book 4

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On another world, pirates sail the seas and plunder the ships of the Royals. Lowly-born men, ‘Fivers’ as they are known, have no hope of achieving any status in the First Realm, and yet their women will invariably find themselves serving men of higher rank. For the Fivers, piracy may seem an attractive option.


A girl from Earth is thrown into this world, together with her former employer, a young woman who, for the moment at least, is also her companion. They have no idea what is happening to them, marooned on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, under a sky with two moons and being watched by mermaids. It seems like a dream, but their hunger and thirst is all too real.


And then the pirates arrive.


But on this strange world, all is not as it might seem. The pirates may not be as ferocious as they appear, their weapons not as deadly as they look, the mermaids not real mermaids, and the true controllers of life on that planet not, in fact, the Royals of the First Realm. More worrying for everyone is that the seas are rising and likely soon to submerge all the inhabited land, and yet it might just be that the girls from Earth are not as helpless as they seem either.

“Yeowch.” Sandra giggled and shifted her hips impatiently. Vincent was engrossed in his passionate mission between her thighs, and she could only see the top of his head moving back and forth in a nodding motion. His long blue-black waves were an unruly mess, disappearing behind the apron and skirt she had gripped in her fists and pulled up to her belly.


At nineteen, Vincent was much taller and muscular than most of the lanky Fivers. With the constant fights in Fifth Realm, few dared to take him on. Hands down his speed and strength could outdo any of them, but it was his confidence and belief in fantastic schemes that made him the leader of his band of friends.


With his dangerous, handsome, dark looks and voracious sexual appetite, Vincent was constant choice among the Fivertown women. Sandra was by far his favorite partner, though she was spending more time in Second Realm since her engagement. The Royals began looting the stock of Fifth Realm women and pickings were mighty slim. Still, Vincent’s attention to pleasing his partner kept him sought after and busy whenever he wanted a quick toss.


And my, don’t he know what he’s doin’ down there. Sandra giggled again, and admonished, “No teeth, Vincent. You got to be gentle if you’re gonna’ fool a Lady.” Sandra had been handmaiden to a Second Realm woman for three years. She thought they were uppity and far too reserved to enjoy a good toss, and Vincent would positively terrify them with his sexual prowess.


Spread before me is the hot pussy of Sandra Chadwick, the prettiest Fiver in the Realm. Vincent lapped down her folds and narrowed his eyes on her moist, pink, winking response. His tongue reached out for more of her, stroking up and down her sweet lips and lightly nipping her bud. She might protest the action, but the tightening of her channel against his fingers admitted the lie. The thought that he would need lessons in seduction was laughable, but he let Pascal talk him into it when he learned Sandra was going to offer herself as his partner.


“Vincent, shit.” Sandra gasped, clenching her raised skirt and swaying her head in the hay, tangling the long dark strands among golden stalks. Fuck it. What do I care about readying him for that haughty bitch, anyway? Guilt jabbed at her through her building passion. Because, I agreed. Yes, there was that. Fivers might break their word to citizens of the upper Realms, but never amongst themselves. She had agreed to teach Vincent how to seduce a Royal, but she found her resolve wavering with his deft attention. “Vincent, you have to slow down. You’ll scare the shit out of a First Realm Lady. If you want to keep her distracted instead of running in terror, you can’t… oh, oh god, Vincent.”


A touch of jealousy towards the Lady rolled with the wave of her orgasm. Sandra let go of her skirt and wrapped her fingers through Vincent’s hair, gripping the silken strands and digging into his scalp. Her involuntary moves to both pull him away and then push him deeper into her shuddering valley made him smile. She could feel his mustache stretched across her lips.


For years, Sandra thought she would have been perfectly happy living out her days in the squalor of Fivertown with Vincent by her side. Instead, she found herself drafted as handmaiden, and she worked her way up through the Realms. She got an eyeful of how the rest of their society lived. Like most of the Fiver women, it did not take long for her to compare the fine trappings to Fifth Realm. Watching her mother struggle behind mountains of laundry… fine silks and linens of the upper class; her father’s bent body and gnarled hands from working the docks… no, Sandra wanted escape from Fifth Realm as badly as Vincent did, and she caught the eye of a Second Realm guard.


Vincent’s plans had always been to leave the Fifth Realm. Since he was a boy and discovered the wrecked schooner beached on the reef, he made up his mind to live life on the Aquadea Seas as a pirate. Four other Fivers, including Sandra’s brother, were following Vincent’s quest.


The unlikely fifth member of their band was Pascal Dupree, a disillusioned First Realm young man. He met Vincent when they were twelve, and both chose the Royal Stables as a hiding place. Vincent was hiding from two guards, and Pascal was avoiding lessons on comportment. Vincent tossed the boy a pilfered apple, and spent the afternoon mesmerizing him with his stories of freedom and life on the sea.


For Royalty, Pascal was a large man. He was not quite as tall as Vincent, and the soft life of First Realm had kept his muscles less firm. Pascal was as light as Vincent was dark, with curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes that filled with amusement. He possessed little of the bland features of most Royals, and Vincent suggested his mother may have ‘slipped her knickers’ with a Fiver for a spell. Pascal certainly resembled several of the burly dockhands, and he carried no common traits of his First Realm father.


Early on, Sandra discovered the futility of her attempts to seduce Pascal and convince him to settle her into luxury as a First Realm Lady. Other than the outrageous colorful costumes his station provided, Pascal held disdain for the trappings and pompous Royal events. Sandra could look into his blue eyes and see he had fallen under Vincent’s spell. He was just as determined to escape with the Fivers for life on the sea as an outlaw.


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