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Six Masters Island- Book 1

When Lindsey and her friends are kidnapped in Las Vegas and taken to a remote island, she is unable to believe what is happening to her. While most of her friends are turned into ponygirls for the amusement of the Masters ruling the island, Lindsey finds herself a sexual plaything for her Master and for his male slave and lover, but Lindsey’s arousal and deep, unexpected emotions confuse her.

Chayton took the leash from Ayden and, staring directly at Lindsey, he clipped it to the table. “You will be punished if you disobey Ayden,” he said calmly and sat down next to her. Ayden sat on his other side.


Lindsey faced the table and squeezed her eyes shut, willing the big man to go away. “Ayden, keep track during lunch. She has one punishment coming.”


Lindsey’s teeth chattered in fear.


“Yes, Master. Should I tell her why?”


“Yes.” Chayton took hold of Lindsey’s chin and turned her to face Ayden. “Open your eyes,” he demanded. Lindsey looked miserably at Ayden. “Ayden, that’s two.” Lindsey jerked at his voice and her eyes began filling with tears. Chayton found himself undeniably aroused by her despair.


“Yes, Master. Alyssa, when the Master speaks to you, you must acknowledge him. Unless directed by him otherwise, you answer ‘Yes, Master’.” Ayden studied her, trying to plead her compliance.


“You were told this before we landed,” the Master reminded her. Lindsey was so scared on the plane she could not remember what he had told them. She was trying to remember his warnings when he said, “Three,” and she flinched.


Ayden was getting distressed, and looked at Alyssa’s rapidly filling eyes. “Yes, Master,” Ayden replied. Lindsey finally figured out she had to answer the big man when he spoke to her.


The servant girl rolled a cart over to their table. She put utensils and a napkin in front of Chayton. Lindsey watched silently as the girl filled a glass with lemonade and placed a plate with herbed salmon, potatoes, green beans and a small salad in front of him. She repeated the procedure with Ayden and finally Lindsey.


Lindsey looked up at Ayden, not sure if it was all right to start eating, and she was afraid of earning another punishment. She certainly did not want to look at the Master. Chayton watched her quietly, pleased that she was trusting Ayden to guide her. Ayden gave her a little nod and Lindsey quietly started filling her empty stomach.


“What have you taught her?” the Master asked Ayden. Ayden squirmed uncomfortably because he knew his Master had been listening. He had been told he was doing a good job earlier. When he thought about it now, he realized he really had not shown her much. “Does she know her positions? Does she know commands?”


Ayden looked at the table. “I’m sorry, Master. I was trying to calm her down.”


“What did I direct you to do?” Chayton pushed.


“You told me to teach her the rules, Master. I disobeyed.” Ayden was clearly upset and Lindsey was feeling oddly guilty for putting him in this situation. “Master, I’m having a difficult time. She looks so scared.”


“So you dared to disobey me? You can see for yourself she’ll take advantage of you,” the big man thundered, nodding towards the leash. “Go to your room and wait for me.” Lindsey saw the fear and pain cross Ayden’s soft features.


“Yes, Master.” He quickly rose and headed towards the house, leaving Lindsey with the terrifying Indian.


“How many punishments have you earned?” the Master asked her.


Lindsey stared silently at her empty plate. She wanted Ayden to come back and this big man to go away. Chayton slammed his fist down, rattling the plates. Lindsey bolted back from her chair getting ready to run, when the leash snapped her head back.


Chayton stood up, unhooked her leash and headed towards the house. Lindsey felt the pull on her collar and tried to set her heels on the smooth patio tiles. Chayton dragged her along, paying no attention to her struggle. Lindsey panicked and dropped to the ground, trying to grab onto furniture and anything else she could get hold of. Chayton kept walking and dragging her. She was crying and started screaming. “No, let me go!” He stopped.


Chayton turned, reached down and lifted her by the collar. Leaning over, he glared into her eyes and Lindsey was shocked into silence. He turned back towards the house and continued to force her to follow him, the leash swinging freely between her breasts while his hand continued to grip the front of her collar. He pulled her through the dining room and the kitchen where Lindsey caught a brief glimpse of the serving girl’s frightened expression. Chayton headed downstairs to the basement. When they reached the first door, he pulled it open and threw her inside. Lindsey skidded across the smooth cement on her hands and knees as she heard the door slam shut behind her.


She scampered across the floor and felt his hand around her ankle pulling her back. Terrified and sobbing, she turned around and tried to pry him loose with her small shaking hands. He pulled her back to the middle of the room and held her there by her ankle. Eventually, she stopped trying to remove his hand. It was useless. His fingers reached completely around her ankle over the cuff and she leaned back on her arms in exhaustion. They stayed that way for a long time until she had cried herself out. Sniffling, she cautiously looked up at him.


His black eyes were staring at her, and his long hair was hanging down almost to the floor in his bent position. “How many punishments have you earned?”


Lindsey silently stared at the fierce man. He grabbed her collar again and hoisted her to her toes, leading her towards a wooden pole embedded in the floor by the wall. There was a heavy chain with a hook on the end of it hanging from another hook set high in the post. Two eyebolts were set in the floor about two feet apart with short chains and hooks on the ends of them as well.


Chayton let go of her collar and seized one of her wrists. She struggled to get away but he easily overpowered her and grabbed her other hand. He hooked the cuffs together with embedded clips. Lindsey kicked and fought him as he lifted her arms high over her head and hung her over the hook on the end of the chain facing the post. He lowered her until her feet barely touched the floor and secured the chain.


She tried to unhook her wrists from the chain, not realizing he was binding one of her ankles to the floor until it was too late. Whimpering with fear, she tried to kick out with her other leg. Chayton had no trouble catching the flailing limb and securing it as well. With her arms stretched over her head and her legs spread to the bolts in the floor she was forced up onto her toes. She was sobbing and trying to pull away. “Please,” she cried, “I don’t know what you want. Please let me down,” she panicked.


Chayton stepped back and waited. After a few minutes, she realized the futility of her struggles and rested her head on the pole, softly crying. She could sense him walking up close behind her and she shuddered. He leaned up against her back, towering over her, and his strong arm reached around her, pinning her close against his broad chest. He started running his thumb gently down her wet cheek while his other hand caressed her side. She was still shaking in silence as he leaned down next to her ear and said quietly. “Three. You have earned three punishments, Alyssa. Say: ‘Master, I have earned three punishments’.”


Lindsey had no idea what a punishment would be, but she could not think of any way to get out of her frightening predicament. Miserably, she whispered, “I have three punishments.”


“Master, I have earned three punishments,” he patiently corrected.


Lindsey gulped a sob, “Master, I have earned three punishments.”


Chayton lightly kissed the side of her head, continuing to stroke her cheek while his other hand untied the shoulder strap of her dress. She felt the slinky material start to drop to her hips. Before it stopped sliding, he fisted the back of the material and ripped it from her. Lindsey gasped and squirmed closer to the pole, away from the contact of his body, and new tears began spilling down her cheeks. He caressed her quivering naked side and took her long hair and slid it over her shoulder, covering her breasts. “You will count out your punishments. You will be punished until you count out all three.” He abruptly stepped back and Lindsey heard the opening of a metal door.


Her arms and legs were starting to ache from being stretched. She heard a swooshing sound, then a slap, and a second later there was a searing pain across her bottom. “Aaayeee!” the panicked girl screamed.


She felt Chayton come up behind her and his fingertips traced the welt as he leaned down to her ear and calmly said, “One, Master.” He waited patiently.


Finally, she sobbed, “One, Master.” He kissed the side of her head and moved back.


Swoosh. Slap. A slicing burn across her shoulders. “Aaahhh!” she raised higher on her toes, tightening her bottom muscles. Chayton’s eyes gleamed sadistically at her flexed ass cheeks.


Lindsey was shaking and thrusting back and forth, wildly trying to get away from the post. Chayton moved up behind her and she felt him tracing the new line across her back, waiting. It took a moment for her to settle down and gather any fragment of composure. She looked down at the floor and saw the tail of the whip curled by her foot. “Two, Master,” she wailed. Once again he kissed the side of her head and backed up. Oh god, she thought, one more.


Swoosh. Slap. Then the delayed sting crossed the top of both thighs. “Aaahhh!” She tried to hop. “Three, Master,” she blurted. She heard him walk away and the metal door was closed. His tall form was behind her again, fingers brushing the new tortured length of the whip’s mark. The other hand moved to the front, thumb wiping her tears. Lindsey could feel the tremendous strength and power in his hands and arms. The hand on her thighs began to move up to her bottom and slowly reached between her spread legs. She cried softly and tried to move away as his fingers found her wet slit.


Chayton closed his eyes, savoring the magnitude of the moment. Lightly stroking her pussy, he kissed her ear and whispered, “Good girl.” He held her pinned for several minutes as he absorbed his conquest. Finally, he unchained her from the post. She stumbled and he caught her under the arm and held her against his chest until she could steady herself.

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