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Three magicians, who are also dominant males, known as the Masters of Enchantment, have been whisked into modern times. They are brothers and their names are Master Havoc, Master Knowledge and Master Ambition. Two of them own the bondage-themed club, The Masters' Dungeon.  The other grants people wishes, but the other two brothers always manage to twist the wishes for their own benefit. Amy´s wish was to get far away from Idaho and never look back. As her cash dwindles along with her dream of being an actress in L.A., she meets a devilishly handsome man, Master Havoc. She never dreams he has the literal power to grant wishes. She wants to make money so he grants her wish. His brothers twist it, all right. Soon Amy is earning plenty of money...for the two brothers! Amy finds herself branded with the name Prosperity as she cruises the dungeons at night earning money for the club. Through depraved, humiliating acts, she is led into the world of a submissive. Perhaps her greatest humiliation, is discovering the passion of this world is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Havoc loved L.A., he decided. Everyone pretended to be someone else and they had delicious, greedy wishes to keep him busy. Finding playthings was easier than it had been with the royals…with no consequences. Tonight he’d just been cruising, seeing what mischief was out and about.


When he saw the pretty girl exit the bar and walk towards him, he almost let her pass. Obviously, she wouldn’t wish for beauty. At first, he thought she’d found her riches and would not need money. He glanced down and noticed the slightly worn heel on her shoe. ‘An actress.’ Havoc was excited. He loved playing with them. Would she want a lead role in a movie? Oh, the things he could make her do for the part…or the lead role he could get her to play.


The dark thoughts had Havoc already hardening as she sat next to him. When she dismissed her friend so rudely, he almost trembled with her cruelty. His mind flashed on the sorceress and his cock swelled more. It took control to keep his voice steady. “So, Amy, what brings you to L.A.?”


“I’m an actress. What do you do, Havoc?”


Havoc almost laughed at her attempt at wide eyed innocence. The scheming behind those eyes was evident to him. “I grant wishes.”


Amy thought about the strange answer. “You grant wishes? What do you mean?”


“Think of me as a rich purveyor of wishes. I like to help people realize their greatest desire.”


The young woman laughed. “Really, well aren’t you generous.”


He moved closer and bent down inches from her face. He gazed into her blue eyes. “If you had one wish, only one, what would it be?”


Amy found herself actually considering his question. Her immediate reaction was to say she wanted to be an actress. It stalled on her lips as she found herself wondering if she would end up in commercials that way. If she said a lead actress, she could end up doing a lousy job and never hired again. If she said a good lead actress…all of it seemed like it could trap her.


Why was this so difficult? It didn’t really make a difference what she answered. It was just polite conversation, wasn’t it? She found herself weighing her options even more carefully. Ultimately, she wanted fame and money. He said she could only have one wish. Well, fame didn’t necessarily mean money, but money could always buy fame.


“To make lots of money, I guess. Sorry to disappoint you. I’m not selfless enough to wish for world peace,” she laughed.


“Your wish would be to make lots of money?” Havoc was thrilled. Oh, this would be fun.


“Yes, I figure that would take care of everything else.”


“Well thought out.” Havoc placed his hand on hers and stared into her eyes. “You, Amy, shall make lots of money.”


Amy laughed nervously at the joke. “Well, Havoc, thank you. It will be nice for a change. When, exactly, will this happen? My rent is due in two days, and if I’m going to be able to change my living standards, I’d just a soon save the cash.”


Havoc was delighted. Such an anxious little pet. He leaned forward and confided, “I wouldn’t hurry to waste that cash, Amy. I see your living arrangements changing quickly.” He sat straighter to release the confining strain on his crotch. “Tonight, if you’d like. I can arrange the audition immediately.”


Amy’s ears picked up on that one. “An audition?” ‘Oh god, maybe this guy has connections.’  She’d read the trade magazines and knew people caught breaks in unusual situations. This was her chance…she just knew this man would change her life.


Havoc smiled. “Absolutely. You never said you wanted the money with no strings, my pet. You simply wished to make lots of money. I‘m afraid you will have to earn it. Your wish does guarantee success, however.” Havoc couldn’t remember when he’d begun using the sorceress’ term for endearment for his playthings. The more he used the term, the more aroused he became. “Come, I can take you now.”


Havoc’s enchantment wrapped around Amy, alleviating any concerns she might have about leaving with the unusual man. She was sure this was her opportunity.

Penny watched her friend get up from the bar with the tall, handsome man. “He’s weird, Mark. I mean, Amy was looking at him like there was no one else in the place.”


“I say good luck to him with that spoiled brat,” Mark muttered. He poured them each another beer as Amy and Havoc left the bar.


They walked back to his sports car and he opened the door for her. “Isn’t this exciting?” Havoc was trying to control his overwhelming delight with his discovery.


“It will be if it works out…and if I pass the audition.” Amy was beginning to feel his excitement. She was convincing herself that this was her big break. The car pulled away from the curb.


They drove in silence. Once in awhile, Havoc would reach over and squeeze Amy’s hand. At first, she thought it was odd, and that he was just very happy for her. Eventually, she began looking forward to the touches. She hadn’t realized he was stroking the enchantment into her.  By the time they pulled up in front of the exclusive club, she was under his control. Until he left her, she would believe everything that was happening was part of her wish.


Havoc parked and led her to “The Masters‘ Dungeon“, a BDSM club for the wealthy and well connected. He had an arrangement with the owners. In exchange for new talent, Havoc was whipped and aroused by his choice of talented Mistresses. His cock was already hard thinking of his payment for Amy.


He guided her to the office to the left of the front door. Amy felt brief concern at the location of the audition. Havoc placed a hand on the small of her back, and the enchantment calmed her suspicions. She was led into a large room with a sofa, bar and assorted contraptions Amy couldn’t distinguish. It wasn’t important, she decided.


Across the room, another door opened and a tall man in black leather pants and boots came in. Amy saw his dark hair swinging loose well past his shoulders across a tanned, muscular back. She thought he must work out a lot to have biceps that size. His dark eyes smiled at her with an amused gleam. Amy noticed they weren’t as black as Havoc’s, but they were still very dark.  He rubbed his hands together. “Well, Havoc, what have you brought us tonight?”


“This is my pet, Amy,” he grinned. “Amy, this is the Master.”


It was an unusual introduction, but as Havoc’s hand continued to gently stroke her back, Amy dismissed the thought before it could register.  “I see, and what is your pet’s wish?”  The man walked to the bar and poured two drinks. He handed one to Havoc and Amy watched in silence.


She felt weirdly detached. It even seemed okay that this other man knew she’d made a wish. If anything, it only confirmed her feelings that this was her break and her dreams would come true.  Havoc stood behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. “Amy wishes to make lots of money,” Havoc announced proudly.


“Those were her terms?”


“Verbatim.” Havoc smiled at his brother. “Can it be arranged?”


It had taken him a long time to find Ambition and Knowledge. After the sorceress was destroyed, the brothers searched for Havoc, but they had no idea what the magi had done with him. Reluctantly, they left the castle. They discovered that after years of the sorceress’ tortures, the men preferred the other side of the sexual enticement.


When Havoc finally found them, they realized he was even more irrational than before. Still, he was their brother. They devised the wishes that would benefit them all, and made sure Havoc earned his chance with the mistresses. He’d been denied for so long and still felt his pleasure through their torments. They had plenty of female patrons who could keep their brother pacified.

They remembered the troubles Havoc had caused the sorceress, and it took some thought to keep themselves safe from his miscalculated judgment. The brothers decided only Ambition and Knowledge would actually grant the wishes. Havoc was given free reign to supply the subjects, and it seemed to keep him happy.

Ambition drew out the moment and gave Havoc the reserved look that caused his chaotic brother such delicious discomfort. He waited until the torment of his silence as he pretended to consider whether or not the wish was worth fulfilling had Havoc’s cock straining at his pants and finally said, “I believe we will be able to accommodate your pet. Let’s get a look at her and we can decide on your payment.”


Havoc’s relief was palpable as the breath he was holding, rushed from his lungs. Trying to curb his excitement, he sat on the couch and said calmly, “Amy, my pet, remove your clothes for the Master.”


Ambition rolled his eyes at his brother. “A little less enchantment, perhaps? I need to see if the pet knows fear. She’s useless to me with that sappy grin on her face.” Ambition watched the girl’s eyes.


Havoc pulled back his spell to a degree that his pet would follow instructions, though not so willingly. Amy felt her foggy head clear. She looked around the room as if seeing things for the first time. The contraptions still made no sense to her, but the aura in the room and from the two men was sinister.  Her eyes widened. “I don’t think this is the type of role I’d like to audition for,” she said softly.


“Nonsense.” Havoc tried to dismiss her uneasiness without disobeying his brother by using enchantment again. “You have a wish, and I will fulfill it.”


“No, I think I want to leave, now.” She started to back towards the door.


Havoc began to panic and said quickly, “We have an agreement, my pet. You made your wish, and now I will grant it. I’m holding up my part of our bargain,” he reasoned. “We agreed you would work to make the money.”

“Enough talk about the damn agreement. Strip!” Ambition ordered.

5.0 out of 5 stars Have no fear August 28, 2011

By Rad Ryder

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

Take a vain, self centered, actress wanna be and have her learn the validity of "be careful what you wish for..." first hand and you have a very clever premise for the plot in this story. This is strong on the humiliation scale but mild on the cruelty scale. It works because everyone who suffers from Havoc's wish granting pretty much deserves to learn from their mistakes. What the readers gets to see is that through these three magic brothers, vain and vapid people are matched with sadistic/humiliating scenarios that teach the value of altruism, maybe a tad heavy handed but a good lesson to learn. I was happy with the way it ended.


I was a tad squeamish in buying this ebook because I dislike cruelty, but this story stayed on the right side of the line and I was glad I purchased it. I think Candace Smith's cover art and product descriptions are little misleading because they look crueler than they are.