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Atlantis Series - Book 2

Collared! Rue had no idea where the metal collar around her throat came from. It was simply there when she awoke, and there seemed no way to remove it.


The Lamerians were a warrior race. Tall and powerful, their job was to keep the Realm safe from marauding rogue spaceships. But the Lamerians were dying. Their few remaining women could produce only male children. For the warriors with unquenchable sex drives, to be without partners for their whole lives spanning many centuries was unbearable. Androids were hardly satisfying, and finding near-compatible lifeforms from the many alien races of the Universe rarely produced more than a poor compromise.


The decision to harvest the females on Earth as sex pets was taken with some apprehension. Surely these small, weak creatures from a primitive planet could never endure the sexual demands of the huge, powerful warriors, nor adapt to becoming sex slaves far from the comfort of their homes?

Varpin shook his head. “I disagree. I think we’ve made a wise choice with this species, and I bet we’ll see a lot more warriors commissioning them when they see the results. I think we can both readily agree they are the most visually appealing species that has ever been available to us.”


The rest of the quick shuttle was made in silence, with only the sound of Rue and Dawn sobbing quietly. They docked with the warship, and the warriors finally resorted to throwing the women over their shoulders to keep them from choking on their collars when their feet would not move.


When Rue began thrashing to get away, Isari smashed his hand down on her bottom and she yelped. She was petrified as the giant bounced her on his shoulder through the corridors of the battleship. Rue tried to be quiet after his large hand smacked her bottom leaving a heated, stinging print across both cheeks.


When the other warrior began leading Dawn down a separate hall, the terrified woman began screaming. “Rue? Oh god, Rue?”


Rue began wailing. “No, put me down.” She began pounding her fists on the big man’s back and yanking his swinging hair. His hand came down on her bottom again and she shrieked.


“Be still,” Isari growled. “Now.” If Rue could have seen his face, she would have seen that he was smiling. His feisty commission was going to be envied by the other warriors, and Isari hoped some would see them while they made their way to his quarters.


Several of his comrades did take notice when their Commander strode through the hall with the blonde furred commission pummeling his back. They looked at their sturdy, meek Alidans of larger size, and questioned why the fun of training them had lost its allure so quickly. The large species sat quietly on their haunches, numbed by their training quickly, and remaining quiet and accommodating for decades.


Isari swiped his hand over the door lock and he tossed Rue onto the carpet. She scrambled into a corner and crouched down with her hands wrapped around her folded legs. The big man frightened her into quivering silence, while he sat in a chair and studied her. The warrior was calculating whether or not to send her to the pets’ cages in the bottom of the ship until they reached planet, after her marking.


Oh, my god. He’s huge. Rue studied the warrior, and despite her terror she felt a shadow of desire building. This was a man she would not be able to control, and the uneasy recognition of the man in her dream passed through her thoughts. He had black cuffs with strange symbols embroidered into the leather, wrapped around his wrists and massive upper arms. The expanse of chest visible from the opened vest looked smooth, and her fingers rubbed together as she imagined what it would feel like to caress the bronze skin.


“Come here, pet.” Isari pointed to the carpet in front of him. “I have to get those security restraints returned to Harvesting.”


Rue was scared to death of the big man, but the thought of having the restrictive metal bindings removed had her slowly crawling forward. There would be no way to escape with them on. She trembled when she got near him, and she squeezed her eyes closed when he reached out. She opened them again when she felt the first wrist cuff pop open, and she watched him touch his thumb to the other one. It folded back on an invisible hinge.


Isari watched her wide brown eyes studying the simple device. It reminded him that the species was extremely primitive, and that most of his technology would seem incomprehensible to them. He took advantage of her distraction by handing her the collar to study, and he was pleased that she had an inquisitive nature that was lacking from some of the other species deemed suitable for warriors. Most of them were dully compliant and mere receptacles for whatever warriors desired.


Isari and Varpin had both been extremely pleased with the reports on their pets from Harvesting. Isari had no doubts that Ebby had personally handled their testing so he knew that the results were accurate. Other than a short warning that the species did not have tough skin or a thick bone structure, she sounded cautiously optimistic that the pets would work out.


Rue held the collar that had altered her life. She still could not see how it had latched because the two opened ends were smooth. She ran her fingers around the inside, searching for the barbs that had shocked her. When she glanced up, the man was inches from her neck with another collar. This one looked like it was made out of the same black leather-like material of his pants. She drew back and he grabbed her hair. “Easy, pet,” he said calmly.


Rue threw the metal collar at his head and scrambled back. “I’m not your fucking pet,” she screamed. Getting to her feet, she bolted to the door and searched wildly for the missing door handle. “Can’t you pricks put latches on shit?” she screamed. She saw a flat pad on the side and began pounding it with her fist.


Isari was intrigued. The girl had figured out that the bio-tech pad would release the door mechanism, but of course her biology was not imprinted into the security level required to open it. He was encouraged that the species did, apparently, have the desire to preserve itself, and it appeared they had at least a rudimentary ability at reasoning.


“The portal is not programmed to open for you.” The man rose, and Rue stopped her pounding and searched the room frantically when he approached her with a collar in each hand. “I think you can reason that I am much stronger than you and will have my way, but I will let you choose. If I have to restrain you, I will put this collar back on you.” The metal collar dissolved in his hand and Rue felt it circle her throat. An instant later, it was back in his hand. “If you come to me, I’ll use this one.” He eyed the leather. “It does not have the security features that are built into the Harvesting collar, but those are not practical for your release on Lameria.”


Rue was slowly backing away, and she stopped when she noticed he had not moved. He sat back in his chair and watched her make her decision. The metal collar would make it impossible to escape; she knew that. The other one must not have any features other than a way to secure her. It seemed like the better option, and she made her way cautiously towards him. As she approached, it sank in that she was naked. How the hell did I forget that? She glanced around the room, dashed towards the bed in the corner and grabbed the light blanket.


When she first ran, Isari tensed, irritated that she chose the wrong logical deduction. He almost laughed when he saw her wrapping the cloth around herself to approach him. “You are cold and wish to be covered, pet? Well, perhaps that will be one of the first things you earn.” He had no idea that it was her nudity she found discomforting, because most pets preferred their own skin.


Rue clenched her teeth to keep from screaming at him again and risk the metal choker. While she stood before him, he reached out and fixed the collar around her throat. The material was soft, and she realized that this was another benefit of not having the other choker reattached. She found herself distracted by the spicy scent of his skin. When she had been tossed over his shoulder, she wondered if it was a musk that would transfer to her body. It was pleasantly erotic and she inhaled deeply.


He picked up the matching wrist cuffs and, seeing no alternative, Rue held out her arms. Screw you. You just keep thinking I’m too stupid to figure a way to get out of here. Even as the thought passed through her mind, she felt uneasy. The more she studied the man, the more captivatingly handsome she found him to be.


The girl seemed to accept the rationality of the less restrictive collars, and Isari was becoming more optimistic about his choice. When he first saw the diminutive female, her appearance seemed at odds with the Harvesting Procurement’s test results. Even with Ebby’s report, it still seemed unbelievable that such a small species could contain his size with only minimal discomfort to him… and minimal damage to her.


It had been his idea to try the ill fated Miptriks, and although both he and Varpin had reservations about commissioning one of these new, delicate pets, he was becoming more intrigued by the girl. Actually, very intrigued. Isari’s cock had not deflated since he had seen her spread on the harvesting ship’s transport wall. He was confident with his initial discovery that she had rudimentary reasoning, and Isari began to re-evaluate the thought that the on-planet claiming would be depressingly quick.


Unique to Lamerian males, was the ingrained requirement from ancestral beginnings that a mate had to be chased down and conquered. Once captured, she must be trained to compatibility for her warrior. As there were no longer females born to their kind, the imprinted behavior had been transferred to the claiming of their pets.


When the restraints were attached, he watched her expression while she studied them. He saw anger in her eyes and something almost resembling pride… which was, of course, impossible for a primitive species. The more he looked at the dark eyes, narrowing while her finger traced the leather and frowning when she discovered the latches on these cuffs were hidden for her safety as well, the more he decided she might actually work out. “You are named Rue? It is what the other pet was calling you.”


Rue nodded. “I want to see Dawn,” she demanded nervously.


“The other pet,” Isari affirmed. “You must be marked before you travel through the ship.”


Rue slowly backed away from him. “I don’t want to be marked,” she announced. She really did not want whatever it was when she looked into the warrior’s eyes and she saw them filling with obvious sexual heat. “Stay away from me,” she quivered.


Isari rose, and Rue continued backing up, clutching the blanket in a tight fist. The warrior kept approaching and she kept on backing, turning her head and looking for a way to escape. Her back pressed against the wall… no, a door… and the man reached around and placed a big palm on a panel beside her head. The door behind her slid open and she fell back into the new room, quickly turning around to see if there was an exit.


Rue’s mouth dropped open and her eyes filled with tears when she saw a strange assortment of equipment that all promised pain. “No… oh god, no,” she moaned, and she tried to bolt around him.





4.3 out of 5 stars

I was really really surprised at how good this book was especially with the cover being so amateurish and unappealing. Rare Reviewer  |  2 reviewers made a similar statement

I've just checked out Candace's page for some more material, she's well worth checking out if this books is an indicator of her talent. Donna L. Mattingly     

Good book with many surprise laughs. Mickey  |  1 reviewer made a similar statement


5.0 out of 5 stars Overlook the cover - actually a really good book June 15, 2011

By Rare Reviewer

Format:Kindle Edition

I was really really surprised at how good this book was especially with the cover being so amateurish and unappealing. Forget the cover because this book is so worth the money and time to read it. It is a keeper that I will read over and over again.

Rue and another human woman are "harvested" to find out if they are capable of being "pets" for a race of warriors. I won't mention any spoilers because you really need to read the book to enjoy how Rue and the other woman convince the warriors that they are more than pets.



A good sci-fi erotic novel with an very interesting, smooth flowing fantasic plot.


No editing errors that causes you to grind your teeth or have to read and reread a sentence over and over to understand what's going on.


Highly erotic without having to have sex scenes every few pages to convince the reader that this is an erotic sci-fi novel.


It even has a little humor in it and a HEA



It was too good - I stayed up all night to finish the darn thing because I just could not put it down.


5.0 out of 5 stars a fun read!! May 8, 2011

By schnoodle

Format:Kindle Edition

Although Rue is kidnapped by aliens she soon shows them she is not a "pet"! There is hot stuff as well as stuff that made me laugh out loud. This is a lighthearted read, not dark at all.


5.0 out of 5 stars Women with brains and courage take on two surprised aliens., June 20, 2011


Mickey - See all my reviews

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This review is from: Harvesting Rue (Kindle Edition)

This is a great book that offers a different take on the alien abduction of women from Earth. Two seven foot alien warriors are looking for "pleasure pets" different from the brown blobs and robotic kind that are the norm. They come upon Earth women, a species that are only given to The Royals and decide to take a chance despite their history of choosing pets that ended up going crazy. Rue and Dawn are "harvested" and endure processing and the fear of the unknown. They are the perfect pair; Rue is a fighter/leader and Dawn is a quiet, studious follower. And their personalities lend a change in the basic abductions because despite their appearances, they are capable of reasoning and are given the opportunity to study their new planet in advance to their landing.


The aliens believe that the pair are fragile, brainless, and "cute" they find that other warriors are envious. The Warrior planet is dying because their have not been any women born to give birth and the "Temple of Mothers" has only a few elderly and protected female species.


The two warriors take their pets down to their planet to begin the claiming process which entails being chased; and leave them while they have a drink at the local cave/bar. When they return and find the two pets missing, it is the beginning of a humorous chase with the women using their knowledge of the planet to astound the warriors at every turn. Good book with many surprise laughs. Amazon Verified Review

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Harvesting Rue