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Anna traveled to the Caribbean to surprise her husband at the end of his business trip, and catches him in bed with his business partner. She demands he give her their yacht, 'Juliette', but he suspects she has discovered his illegal business dealings and employs local thugs to sabotage the boat so it will go miles off course and sink.


Anna hires Turner to captain the boat back to Florida. As the boat starts to sink, they manage to scramble ashore onto a remote island. Instead of sinking, the yacht breaks free of its makeshift moorings and disappears. Anna and Turner are stranded and struggle to survive, soon becoming lovers with depths of feeling for each other that Anna had never known with her husband. Meanwhile, the husband realizes that his illegal activities are already known, but ultimately it is Juliette, the yacht named after Anna’s lost baby, that brings about true justice and Anna’s rescue.


'Juliette' is an erotic romance with frequent and graphic love scenes.

Anna spun towards the door and barely had time to slam it behind her before she burst into angry, frustrated tears and fled down a path that led away from the cabanas towards the beach. She kicked off her sandals and ran to the shore, deserted in the heat of the afternoon. Warm water splashed up her legs as she stood gazing out at the cresting waves. She balled her hands into fists, and screamed.


She screamed at the time wasted in depression. She screamed at the wasted attempts at trying to hold their empty marriage together. She screamed at the years she had spent stuck in a home she despised. Over and over she screamed, whipping her head back and forth in the salty spray until her voice was hoarse, her throat tight and pained. Finally exhausting her fury, she stopped and stared silently at the water and let the motion of the waves take over and calm her. Her body swayed in time to the rhythm of the watery, rolling hills.


“Are you all right?” a faraway voice called from behind her. She imagined a hand lightly touching her shoulder. “Miss, please answer me.” The deep voice sounded concerned.


Her brows knitted together as someone walked in front of her, blocking her vision of the comforting view of the sea. In slow motion, her dazed eyes looked up at the man, focusing on his wavy dark hair, and she fainted.


It was dark when Anna re-awoke. By the dim light of a desk lamp, she recognized the building as one of the cabanas, and her eyes searched the room in confusion. The colors seemed different, and she realized it was not the same hut where she had caught Milton.


“Good, you’re awake.”


Startled, Anna looked for the voice. A man’s shadow stood up from a chair by the table, approaching her, and as he came into the light, she watched him closely. A wide smile beckoned from the face of the tall stranger who was wearing only bleached cut-off jeans. The lamp reflected off a tanned muscular chest, and dark eyes glittered in the handsome man’s face as he brushed a stray lock of his wavy black hair off his forehead and looked down at her.


“You had me worried,” the soft, deep voice continued. “There’s no doctor on the island, and I didn’t know what to do with you. I’m Turner Douglas.”


She struggled and sat up against the pillows. “I’m Anna Brannigan. How did I get here?”


“I found you on the beach. You seemed to be in some kind of a trance, and you fainted. You’ve been sleeping for a few hours, but you didn’t look hurt.” His forehead creased. “Are you sure you’re okay?”


Anna’s fingers stroked her temples. “I’m fine. I’m sorry to have caused you any problems, Mr. Douglas.” Her face flushed with embarrassment, and she smoothed her skirt and watched his broad back as he walked towards a small kitchenette.


“Call me Turner. It’s no problem at all, as long as you’re all right.” The handsome man returned and handed her some aspirin and a tall glass of water. “What happened to you?”


Anna swallowed the pills, and after a long drink she pursed her lips. “My soon to be ex-husband is what happened to me,” she blurted.


Turner pulled over one of the rail-back chairs from the table and straddled it with his long legs, resting his chin on his arms across the back. “Oh, one of those.”


“What do you mean, ‘One of those’?” Anna huffed.


“About the only thing not raised on this island is eyebrows,” Turner chuckled. “It’s notorious for discreet privacy.” He watched her expression. “Look, I’m sorry. By your reaction on the beach it must have been quite a shock.”


Anna nodded. “I guess it shouldn’t have been, though. The signs were all right in front of me. It was just easier to believe him when he said he had to work so much. In the back of my mind, I think I knew something might be going on. Things haven’t been right for several years now.”


Turner took her empty glass to the sink, and when he returned he asked, “What now?”


Anna’s eyes dropped to her lap. “You’re going to think this is stupid.”


Turner rolled his eyes and said in a monotone, “He promised to end the affair and you’re taking him back.” For some reason, it bothered him to think the pretty woman would so easily trade for the wealth these jerks had.


Anna smiled. “I take it you’ve seen this happen before.”


He shrugged. “I told you, it’s about the only thing that happens around here. It’s not exactly a tourist destination.”


Anna had thought the same thing about the island when she had arrived. The smirking, knowing looks she had received when she asked for information about the resort, began to make sense. She shook her head and the long ponytail swished at her waist. “No, I don’t want him back. I told him I wanted my boat. Actually,” she winced, “I think I might have screamed it at him.” Anna looked at Turner’s confused expression, and she burst out laughing. “Seriously, Milton is worth millions, and I told him all I wanted was my sailboat. I even told him to take his creepy old Captain with him.” Anna laughed harder until tears sprung to her eyes.


Her laughter was infectious, and Turner found himself beginning to laugh along with her. Eventually he sobered, as something occurred to him. “Wait a minute, you told him to take the Captain? Where is this boat of yours?”


“Here,” she pointed at the floor. “It’s the sailboat docked at the pier.” Anna calmed her hysterics and began to look panicked. “Oh no,” she groaned. “He’s probably already put a hold on my credit cards. I don’t know how in the world I’m going to get my boat back to the states.” She spent a brief moment in concentration, and then burst out laughing again.


Turner noticed the mood swing and realized the stress from her discovery was getting to her. He decided he had better let her rest and discuss things in the morning. “Anna, why don’t you stay here tonight? It’s after one in the morning and it would be hard to wake anybody up to get a room.”


Anna thought for a moment. Obviously, the man was not going to hurt her; she had already been there for several hours. “Are you sure? I guess I can’t go back to Milton, and I have no idea if he’s cut off my credit yet. I could stay on the boat,” she suggested.


His warm smile radiated across his face. “Anna it’s late. Just stay here. Really, it’s no problem, and I think you need the rest. You have a lot to decide in the morning.”


“Thank you, Turner. Truthfully, I’m exhausted.” It had been a long day of traveling and worrying about her marriage, ending in the shock of Milton’s infidelity. She lay back on the pillows and her eyes closed immediately.


Turner leaned against the doorframe, watching her for a moment. The beautiful little woman curled up on his couch had unknowingly come up with the solution to his problem. He smiled and closed the door.


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