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Darcy needed revenge for the sexual assault suffered when she was only 19. Later, trained and working as a psychotherapist, she finds that the women in Sorrenton were already experts at punishing, humiliating and controlling their men.. Helped by a woman who becomes her friend and lover, she begins her revenge. Every one of those men will become no more than a slave, a plaything – a puppy.

The next thing Darcy heard was a sizzle like water hitting a hot pan, and then there was a man’s quick shriek and a thud. “Darcy, darling, would you please bring me the leather cuffs and collar from the left hand desk drawer?”


     Darcy rose and opened the drawer.  She retrieved the requested articles and ran her fingers over some of the other items, imagining the tortures they promised.  She was already envisioning her tormentors’ agony.


     Bobby was lying half way in the doorway, quivering on the hard wood floor. Margi took one set of the unique cuffs.  “Okay, help me get his clothes off.”  Darcy quietly helped remove the sneakers, jeans, briefs and tee shirt.


     The man was still shaking, but was trying to slur protests.  “Buckle this onto his ankle, the next one connected to the chain wraps around his thigh and this one goes on his wrist.”  The women worked quietly and efficiently.  “Connect the chain between his ankles and the thigh band, while I connect the wrist cuffs.”


     The man was lying on his side in the crawling position in which the restrictive chains kept him secured.  “One more attachment.”  Margi wrapped a thick, black leather collar around the man’s neck.  “Darcy, my love, would you get the gag out of the same drawer.  I hate Bobby’s whining.”


     Darcy retrieved the gag.  Bobby was conscious enough to know he did not want the appliance inserted into his mouth, so he stubbornly sealed his lips closed.  Margi confidently reached a hand down to the flaccid penis withered on the angry man’s thigh. She squeezed, and then twisted it painfully. Bobby barely managed the gasp preceding the scream before Margi jammed the plug into his mouth.  She secured the Velcro at the back of his head, and then looked up at Margi and grinned.


     Margi relaxed as she realized Darcy was not going to panic or run screaming to lock herself in the bedroom.  It was becoming apparent that her lover shared her desire to inflict pain on the men who had so cruelly abused her and stolen her innocence.


     “Can you lift one side of him?  I think we should drag him into the living room so we can close the door and finish our wine,” Margi suggested.


     Darcy grabbed a forearm and helped her partner drag the naked man into the living room.  They deposited him on the carpet and sat down on the couch, watching him as though he were an exotic creature.  Margi stated sternly, “Do not even think of pissing on my carpet.”


     Bobby glared at her as he continued occasional gripping retches and slowly tried to rise.  It did not take long for him to figure out he was secured in such a manner that it was impossible. He could lie on his side, kneel or get on all fours.  Any other position would be impossible for him.  Darcy smiled at him when she heard him try to bellow behind the gag.  “What now?”


     “It takes a moment for them to realize they have to obey, so I let them get it out of their over-testosteronized system,” Margi replied casually.


     Bobby was infuriated, and was trying to get close enough to attack her.  With his hands attached to his thighs by the short length of chain, the effort he could make was minimal.  Even so, as he raised his hands, Darcy watched his eyes bug out and heard him shriek as he grabbed at his neck.  She turned to Margi who held out the black box with her manicured finger pressing a button. “Sit,” she ordered.


     The man continued to fight his restraints and the collar.  “Sit,” Margi ordered again.  The man reluctantly sat on his haunches and looked angrily up at her from his kneeling position.  “Bobby, that is a shock collar locked onto your throat, and that was a mild dose of what it can deliver,” Margi informed him.


     “I’m sure you are wondering why Dr. Patterson and I invited you over this evening. It seems some patients do not gain insight from our more traditional efforts of analysis, so I have designed an alternative route to encourage them to assimilate into society a little better.”  Margi smiled at Bobby, and then at Darcy to ascertain whether she was following the gist of the conversation.

     “Now, I think we both thought you had this aggressive behavior under control after the incident with Marsha.  Obviously, we were wrong.  I don’t like failure, Bobby.  As a matter of fact, it is so completely unacceptable that I have designed a method of treatment which has proven to be extremely successful in delivering the desired results.”  Margi took the final sip of her wine and laid the empty glass on the end table.  Darcy watched her eyes darken to a fierce, penetrating glare.  “What you did to Pam Marston was incredibly brutal.”

     Bobby had stopped struggling, and a nervous twitch fluttered his left eye. As was her habit when she was excited, the tip of Darcy’s tongue quickly wet her lips.  Margi reached over and squeezed her hand affectionately, delighted she was enjoying the display.


     “Now, we only have a little while to get you ready for continued therapy, so I suggest we get busy.”  Margi rose and walked over to the desk.  She shuffled some metal objects in the drawer while keeping an eye on Bobby and holding the treacherous black box within his view.  “This will work, I think.”


     Margi returned to the man with a metal disk in her hand.  She reached out and clipped it onto the collar’s ring. “Buster.  That will be your new name until we decide no further treatment is warranted.”

     As soon as she began to back away, Bobby lunged for her, cursing behind the gag. Margi calmly pressed the button, and Bobby shrieked but kept advancing.  “Well, shit,” Margi sighed with exasperation.  She touched the black box to his shoulder and he collapsed in spasms.  “I thought we had progressed beyond this point.”  Margi turned to Darcy.  “It controls the electronic prompters, but it is also quite an effective taser.”
     “So I see.  What now?” Darcy asked excitedly.

     “I always try to use the collar first… it’s more humane and less distracting for them.  When they refuse to be corrected by that, I have an alternative cuff that always works.”  Margi dug through the desk drawer and came back with a series of leather strips with small metal disks embedded throughout their length.  One of the disks was a small battery.  “Can you give me a hand with this?  I need to get it attached before he begins to move around again.”


     Darcy joined her on the floor by the prone man.  “Slip this over his cock while I cram his balls through here.  Make sure you get the lower one down to the base,” Margi instructed.


     Darcy concentrated until the ring was in position.  It was tricky rolling it down the soft organ, and several dark curly hairs became caught in her motion and were yanked from his groin.  “Got it.  What about the other one?”  There was a second ring connected to the first by a four inch metal embedded leather chain.


“I’ll get it.”  Margi had finished getting his testicles secured, and her fingers circled Bobby’s cock.  “This one rolls up under the ridge at the crown.  Follow it around with your finger to make sure it’s seated in there well.”  Margi completed the procedure. “There.  I think he’ll be much more attentive to my therapy now.”


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