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Sasha’s journey into submission is far from simple, and yet she seems to have found the man who would be the perfect master for her. Her problem is firstly accepting her submissive inclinations and being convinced that it does not mean there is something wrong with her.


Sasha’s former boyfriend liked to make her suffer, and yet there was something about the way he controlled her that she missed. She had no idea her meeting with Darien at a club was carefully engineered, nor how much trouble he took to seduce her. Her submissive tendencies worried her, making her feel there was something wrong with her, and yet the compulsion to submit to Darien’s dominant sexual games and lifestyle was rapidly growing stronger.


“Sasha’s Game” contains frequent explicit descriptions of sexual arousal and action, with the central theme being a young woman’s journey into life as a submissive to a man who has everything – except the submissive he craves.

Sasha stood naked, slightly quivering under his stare. ‘She’s beautiful; perfect.’ “Come, my sweet Sasha.” He took her arm, guided her across the room and stood in front of her. When he backed her up, she felt a piece of wooden furniture behind her legs.


Sasha sensed him kneeling in front of her, and he grasped her left ankle, pulling it to the side. She felt a strap close around and secure it, and then he moved her right leg and secured that as well. She was now standing blindfolded, with her feet spread a little more than shoulder width apart.


“Lean back,” Darien said gently, and guided her down on a curved, smooth piece of wood. “Put your hands over your head.”


“Darien, I…”


“Shh, do as I say, Sasha.”


Sasha slowly lifted her arms over her head into the air, and Darien took one after the other and secured them, stretching her over the arch. Sasha felt as though she had been bound to a big wooden wheel.


Darien could tell she was beginning to panic, and he bent over and kissed her. “Before we leave, I’ll take off the blindfold and let you see the rest of the room, but for now I want you to concentrate on our game without distraction.” He brushed her long hair off her chest so that it fell in gentle waves down the arch and rested by her bound hands near the floor. “I want you to remain quiet, Sasha, and I want you to concentrate only on feeling. Okay?”


Sasha was becoming scared and she was close to asking him to stop. Part of her was fighting the urge to tell him to take her back upstairs to the bedroom and to make love to her as he had before, but the thought of ending this new game distressed her even more. She tried to calm herself, and she gave a slight nod of acceptance for him to continue, remembering he had told her not to speak.


Darien sensed her rising panic, and he leaned down and kissed her again. His tongue followed her quivering lips and slid into her mouth. It controlled her as he licked along her palette exploring every tooth, and when they separated, his lips brushed the corner of her mouth. “Good girl,” he whispered.


Sasha realized she was calm again. ‘How can he control my emotions like this?’


Sounds from beside her told her he had walked away, and she heard shuffling noises and realized he was removing his clothes. Blindfolded, she found herself relying on her other senses, and her hearing picked up what sounded like the striking of a match. Footsteps approached her. His hand traveled down the valley between her breasts, and she gasped when his hands were slowly replaced by his lips as he kissed between her mounds and worked his way up to one tight peak.


A firm hand smoothed down her belly and rested for a moment on her hip bone as he suckled, and then it slowly slipped to her spread folds, already answering with pulsing arousal. His hand never left her cleft while his mouth attached firmly to one nipple as he stretched to the side, reaching for something.


When he pulled back to her, his mouth left her distended sensitive nipple. His other hand continued to probe her sex. “Quiet, Sasha,” he whispered.


Sasha felt a slight weight fall on the aroused, taut flesh his mouth had just abandoned, and then she was aware of a searing pain as the nerves themselves felt electrocuted. She drew in her breath with a hiss of shock.


The hand working her pussy became more attentive in its wanderings, distracting her from the stinging ache of her swollen bud and leaving her a brief memory of the pain and overwhelming arousal. Sasha bit her lip, trying to stifle the moan.


“Shh.” Darien’s cock throbbed as if he could feel her confusion and anticipation at the next bite of dripping wax. He studied his canvas and, tipping his hand, he let the candle drip an inch above her naval until it pooled in the recess. He felt her sex spasm against his fingers as she gasped.


Sasha could feel her eyes beginning to water, and the trembling of her jaw was almost causing her teeth to chatter. ‘Stop, this has to stop.’ She remained silent, except for her panting breaths as she worked her way through the fear and the pain. Her anxious thoughts anticipated the next torture, and she wondered how she would be able to contain her silence as it bit into her sex.


Instead, the erotic game took a different twist as his teeth lightly nipped the uncoated peak of her other breast. Darien could see her preparing to speak, to ask him to end this game of torment, and he quickly placed the candle on the table and picked up the other object.


Sasha felt his erection nestle against her pussy as he leaned forward, and when his hands lightly captured the sides of her head, she smelled the musk of her juices on his fingers as he once again met her lips. They parted freely allowing him to enter, and she sucked his tongue into her mouth. If only she could bring him to the same pinnacle of desire, he would thrust himself into her, bringing her to the peak of her passion in molten release.


His lips left hers and she lay there, once again reassured and calmed with her lips slightly parted as her panting slowed. As his hand caressed her face, she turned towards the comforting strokes, and when his fingers squeezed slightly, her mouth instinctively opened wider. She felt the spongy gag pass her lips before her mind could register and respond. “Shh,” he whispered in her ear, and he stroked her cheek one more time before resuming his game.


Darien waited an eternity, an entire minute, as her hips tried to rub her mound into his erection. He smiled, knowing her mind was frantically trying to anticipate which part of her would experience the agony next. Her jaw worked the gag and he was sure she must be close to tears. He stroked himself and his eyes flashed with desire. Darien had not been this aroused in years, if ever. ‘I have to have her. She must belong to me.’


She felt fingers spreading her open and she moaned behind the gag, realizing his intent. The warm wetness of his tongue worked her folds and flicked lightly on her clit, forcing it to swell and expose itself.


Sasha shook her head, trying to will the impending pain away, but his thighs pressed between hers and held her motionless as the wax covered the engorged bead. She screamed behind the gag, and he plunged into her. Her channel gripped and pulsed in erotic confusion as her pussy tightened and convulsed against him. He remained still, deep inside her, and grabbed her hips as her muscles brought them to an explosive orgasm.


His own gasping groan of release drowned out her muffled screams, and after he regained his composure he gently peeled the wax off her body, watching the quivering of her breasts and ribs. He knew she was crying, and his thumb stroked her temple. “Shh, you’re okay.” His hand stroked the length of her arched body and the shudders began to subside.


He removed the gag and she remained quiet, with only small mewling sobs escaping her lips. Her hands were freed, and he guided her up, steadying her before he released her ankles. Still she said nothing.


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