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In a very different world following total financial and social meltdown, it seems that one-to-one relationships between men and women no longer exist. The women are prevented from living in the towns, and are banished and trapped in isolated ghettos, and forced to perform sexual acts in payment for the necessities they need to survive.


Caitlyn and a group of other women must escape. Surely there is somewhere they can live without the abuse? But the men of their nearby town will do everything they can to find them and bring them back, and there are other communities where the men are more interested in keeping their women as full-time sex slaves and subjecting them to bondage and pain.

There was the fear, the trembling panic that began to pull her down again. “Let me go,” she moaned. “Please, I don’t know your rules here,” she cried in confusion. “Let me go.”


“There is only one rule, Caitlyn. Obey me. If not, I will play on your fear and always find what causes you the most distress until you follow my orders.”


“No,” she screamed.


She was scared, but she had not retreated and Chase felt a measure of victory. It was obvious the men in Mantonville told them very little, keeping them more fearful of ‘not knowing’ than even their punishments. It was the unknown that frightened her into the trance… so Chase decided to make very sure she had a clear understanding of everything he intended to do to conquer her. He held the one clenching fist over her head, and used his other hand to stroke down her jaw line while the frightened, angry eyes looked up at him. Cleaned, even in her undernourished condition, she was beautiful.


“Women don’t wear clothes here, Caitlyn, other than their bands of ownership and the Alliance brand. They are trained for their Master’s desires, and in return they are given what they need to survive. Other than the servant girls, who are sentenced for an offense not strong enough to ship them out, all of our women serve only one Master… until he decides to trade her to another. You are mine, and you will learn how to please me, and in return you get your warm baths, full meals, and a secure place to live where you’re not offering yourself to an endless list of suppliers.”


“No,” she sobbed, and the green eyes swam with glassy tears that were threatening to spill.


“There isn’t any ‘no’, Caitlyn. There are only my orders. Cody thinks it’s a mistake to keep you and he wants to ship you to the South American brothels where we would get a very good price for you, and Zeke wants to train you for me. Neither of those options is acceptable to me, Caitlyn. I will train you myself, and you will learn.”


The hand had traveled from her jaw-line to her neck, edging closer to her breasts as he leaned slowly back. Chase watched her eyes as they followed his hand. They widened, and the tears leaked down the side of her face. She was quietly sobbing now, the fear counter-veiling her attempts to battle him in defiant anger. To him, it seemed her frightful reaction to his stroking was over-stated, and he still found it hard to believe she had not been compromised back in Mantonville.


Caitlyn felt her skin rising to goose bumps, but the reaction was a combination of her fright and something else that was happening to her. It was the long ago feeling she had almost forgotten when Bobby Arnold slipped his tongue into her mouth after they won the championship. Bobby’s hand had fumbled its way to her breast, massaging its weight and making Caitlyn silently vow that she loved him, and the college, family and home they would share floated through her mind at the delicious sensations she was feeling. That was the feeling she had now. “Please stop,” she shuddered.


“How did you manage to escape them, Caitlyn? How did you keep them from caressing your curves and claiming you?” he murmured. Chase truly was amazed by this, and he realized how determined she must have been to eek out a bare existence and avoid the men.


“There were rules,” she stuttered in miserable confusion. “There were rules, so you knew what you didn’t need.”


“I see.” Chase continued to talk in a low tone. “And what things could you earn by letting a man touch you?”


Caitlyn was trying to ignore the stroking of his thumb. “Rent… the landlord could touch you when he collected rent.”


“What else?”


“Coats, or small things like a cooking burner,” she informed him, and she gasped when two fingers pinched, and she renewed her struggles. “Please,” she wailed. “Just let me see your list.” The landlords she had on her list had all roughly groped at her flesh, but had been mainly absorbed in her talented mouth.


“There are no lists here, Caitlyn. I told you. There is only one rule: obey me. I enjoy knowing I can elicit this passionate response from you, as much as my threats of other sadistic pleasures.”



5 Stars

Review by: LH on Oct. 20, 2010 :

Great story, bdsm with love and sex.

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