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A new Intergalactic Series featuring favorite characters
Ark Series - Book 1

The first of a new erotic sci-fi romance series from Candace Smith.


Seconds before the Earth was destroyed, Jayde and a handful of other women were rescued. It was, of course, the duty of the Gardeners to save races threatened with extinction, no matter how far out in the Outer Worlds they were.


Dumped on a remote and not particularly hospitable planet, Jayde had trouble figuring out what had happened to her. On the planet were Casiqua women, a strange race of blue-skinned beings who turned invisible at the first hint of trouble and who had been plucked from their own planet when it was judged to be becoming uninhabitable. Also on the planet were the last survivors of the frightening Bestanian Warrior race, rescued from deep space after their mates tragically died.


To make matters worse for Jayde, the Bestanian warriors seemed to believe that Jayde and the other Earth women were their mates, somehow come back to life. As if that was not bad enough, the Casiquas were experts at scheming and treachery when it came to winning a mate – or taking back a mate they considered rightfully theirs.


Meanwhile, it appeared that the rescuers had failed to follow the guidelines from Galactic Union. It could result in the Earth women being destroyed, or even lead to a galactic war. Evil powers were awaiting their opportunity to strike. Would anyone believe that all the problems were caused by an empty-headed princess who was far more interested in winning the next karaoke competition than in her job of saving threatened species? More importantly, would love triumph?

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