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When Richard takes Rylee and her mother on a camping trip, they have no idea that he has laid plans to have them taken as permanent sex slaves by the clans living in isolated communities on the four sides of the mountain. What Richard does not know is that he too is to be taken.
As a trainee sex slave, Rylee is subjected to humiliating and painful abuse by Carlton, his wife, and their two sons. Adapting to her new life is not easy, but Rylee struggles to survive the impossible and inescapable daily torment her new family puts her through.

“What the heck is going on?” Rylee whispered to her mom.


“I have no idea. Maybe they think it’s strange for women to want to take a trip like this,” Marcy suggested.


Rylee was becoming very uncomfortable. “Mom, I think I’d really like to go back home tomorrow. This is just too weird.”


Marcy was equally agitated by the men, who seemed to be almost leering at this point. “I’ll tell Richard to talk to the guide. I’m not comfortable with this either.”


After dinner, the group was led back to the large living room. Marcy walked up to Carlton and forced a smile as she said, “Thank you for dinner, Mr. Prescott. I think we’ll be heading back to our cabin. It’s been a long day, and none of us are used to riding.”


Rylee wanted to hug her. The creepy feeling and stares were getting even more obvious, and she just wanted to get the heck out of there.


“Nonsense, it’s still early.” The big man turned to the others, dismissing her mother. Marcy’s mouth dropped open at his rudeness, and Rylee got angry.


“Mr. Prescott, we’re tired. Come on, mom. I’m sure we can find our cabin.” Rylee began to walk towards the front door, and one of the cowboys stepped in front of her. She glared up at him. “Excuse me.” She tried to move around him.


“I think I want you over here, Rylee,” Carlton said. The cowboy gripped her arm and pulled her over to Carlton.


“Get your hands off of me,” Rylee demanded. She pulled her arm away, only to have the other one gripped by Mr. Prescott.


Marcy turned to Richard, who was leaning calmly against the sofa. “Richard, what the hell is going on?”


Richard relished the moment. “You shouldn’t have threatened me with that damn agreement you were going to have me sign. Did you really think I wasted five years sleeping with your saggy ass just to have you cut me out of the money?”


Marcy’s whispered, “You bastard.” She looked around the room, still not understanding what he had planned for her, but knowing whatever it was, was going to be real bad. Oh god, Rylee. “Richard, let me get my daughter out of here, and we’ll discuss this.” Marcy’s voice was trembling.


Rylee was still trying to understand what was going on, and trying unsuccessfully to free her arm from Carlton’s grip. Richard was almost grinning in triumph, and her mom looked scared.


“Rylee’s part of the deal, Marcy. Do you think I could afford something like this with only your old pussy to trade?” Richard smirked.


Marcy lunged at him and screamed, “What the hell have you done, Richard? Who are these people?”


Richard had expected someone to step in and grab her before she attacked. Instead, all the men stood around and watched as she clawed at his face and kicked at him. “Hey,” he yelled. “Shouldn’t one of you grab her, or something?”


The men ignored him, letting the woman tire herself out with him. Some of the cowboys were laughing, when it seemed she was actually getting the upper hand.


Rylee was struggling and yelling, “Let me go. Dammit, let go of me.” She reached her free hand around to hit Carlton, and he caught her wrist.


“Hank,” Carlton called. One of the cowboys, who were standing by the fireplace, came over with some strange leather belts.


Rylee began to scream when he grabbed her arms and secured the cuffs onto her wrists. He yanked her arms behind her and she heard them click together. When she cursed and kicked out at Carlton, he slapped her and she fell to the floor.


Marcy turned at the sound of the crack and saw her daughter falling. She tried to rush to her side, and was intercepted by one of the big cowboys. He grabbed her arm and her hair, holding her with her back against his chest.


Richard saw his wife finally secured, and he walked calmly up to her. When he raised his hand to slap her, he found his wrist grabbed tightly in Hank’s grip. “Let go of me, asshole. The bitch deserves this.” Richard tried to pull his hand away and drew his other hand back and curled it into a fist. Before he could land the blow, Hank punched him solidly in the stomach. His air let out in a whoosh, and he found himself hanging by the wrist still clenched in Hank’s other fist. If not for that, he would have slumped to the floor.


Carlton’s deep steady voice crossed the room. “I’m afraid I can’t have you hitting her, Richard. I don’t like my property marked by anyone other than who I choose. You will be free of her soon, though. I’ve traded you to the north clan, because you don’t have the muscle tone I had hoped for when my contact discussed you, so you’re a bit of a disappointment.”


Richard wheezed, “What the fuck are you talking about? I’m not part of the deal.”


Several of the ranchers chuckled, and Carlton informed him, “You’ve always been part of the deal, Richard. How were we to get hold of all that money with you running around? The funds have already been forwarded to our offshore account, and Donnie tells me he’ll have no problem getting a good price for the house once he’s stripped the furnishings. I told him he could keep that little sport car of yours, but I think he’s giving it to his sister. I believe you know Cass?” Carlton watched the man’s expression change from the arrogance he had displayed earlier, to horror as the trap closed in on him. “Oh, and it was most accommodating of you to provide all of your wife’s accounts and passwords. Usually, we have to ‘encourage’ that sort of information from our guests.”


Richard shook his head. “No, look, you’ve got this all wrong. Donnie is handling all the paperwork for me. Give him a call and he’ll tell you he’s made reservations for me in Vegas. You’ve made a mistake.”


Richard was swearing as Hank and another cowboy strapped some cuffs onto his wrists and placed a collar around his throat. They lashed his wrists behind him and pushed him onto his knees next to one of the older ranchers. The man sneered down at his new labor slave, noting his soft muscle tone. “Hank, hogtie and gag him for me, will you? I don’t want to miss the rest of the evening’s activities.”


Hank and the guide wrapped a rope around Richard’s ankles and secured them to his wrists. Grabbing his scalp, Hank pulled Richard’s head back and crammed a hard rubber ring into his mouth.


Rylee was still on the floor crying, rubbing her stung cheek and looking up at her mother. Marcy was in shock, standing pinned against the cowboy’s chest while her mind tried to wrap around what was going on. Carlton reached down and grabbed Rylee’s long ponytail, and she screamed while he dragged her towards a chair. He sat down and pulled her into his lap and said, “Now. Marcy, Mr. Tyler was the only one interested in your husband, so you don’t need to waste anymore time worrying about him, because he’s headed to the labor camps to the north. I’ve decided I might keep you and Rylee together, but naturally, I need to see the merchandise.”


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