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It was just a weekend camping trip ... until she met a very masterful vampire! Ariel, enjoying a long weekend camping in the woods with her friends before college resumes, thinks she is perfectly content. Then Lucien and his vampire clan come down from the mountains, abducting young men and women for their settlement. When Lucien sees Ariel sunning by a lake, he knows he must make her his thrall - in every way. On the journey up the mountain, Ariel is subjected to the vampire's constant seductions, beginning with an arousing strip of leather attached to the saddlehorn of the horse he keeps her bound to, to nights of unbridled passion. She finds herself branded and pierced, and the object of the dark vampire's lust. More horrifying is the fact that Lucien seems to have awakened desires for domination and submission Ariel never knew she had. She desires more ... and even Lucien worries she will not survive the claiming of the vampire's curse.


The Clansmen heard the women coming back from the lake as the captives started coming around. Nicholas slipped to the right of the campsite, Damon to the left. Justin climbed a tree about twenty feet in front, and Lucien stood slightly to the side hidden mostly by Mike and the tree he had suspended him from. Nathan was distracted making sure his Teri was alright and the Slave-master had darts ready as back-up, watching those already caught.


Nicholas and Damon circled the women quietly approaching them from behind. The closer they got to the clearing, the less they'd have to be moved and less chance of them falling on something that could hurt them. Justin stayed on his perch in the tree in case anyone made a run for it.


Shawna was in the front. Her long, dark legs easily over-coming fallen limbs and other obstacles. Justin was mesmerized watching the woman's graceful moves. Behind her was Christal still betting the tent was not up. Paula and Ariel brought up the rear more or less side by side as usual. "It's just that he's such a jerk, Ariel." Paula complained about Mike.


"He is very condescending to you." Christal agreed.
"Come on guys. He's not that bad. And, I mean, Dave's a big teddy bear and all, but, if he doesn't go pro, what's he gonna' do? No, Mike's studying law. It just stresses him out." Ariel tried her best to defend her over-bearing boyfriend.
Shawna felt the tiny jab in her shoulder. For a second, she was annoyed thinking a bee or wasp had stung her. Then her whole body was experiencing the pins and needles feeling of nerves falling asleep. Her muscles disappeared and her eyes widened in terror as she fell. She could hear her friends alarmed voices behind her and sensed Christal landing beside her. She couldn‘t move and all her screaming took place in her mind, behind her closed lips.
Ariel and Paula saw their friends sink to the ground. Ariel held Paula back scanning through the leaves and fallen limbs for signs of a snake because she couldn‘t think of anything else that could have caused the girls to drop so suddenly. Cautiously, they moved towards their friends. “Paula, check Christal‘s legs for a snake bite.” Ariel began frantically exploring Shawna’s long limbs. “Did you find anything?“
“No, nothing. Oh my God. Ariel, there’s nothing.“ Paula was shaking and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Christal was trying in silence to will Paula to check her back. All Paula could see were her glassy, open eyes staring up at her.
“I’m going to get Allen. Stay here with them. I’ll be right back.“ Ariel ran towards the campsite. She still had the eerie feeling there was someone else hidden, watching her. Ariel had only been gone seconds when Paula felt a sting on her shoulder blade and fell over Christal’s still body.
"Mike! Allen!" Ariel screamed as she came to the clearing, "Shawna and Christal are hurt." She came to an abrupt halt, shocked and confused by what she was seeing. The guys were sitting on the other side of the campsite tied up and gagged. They were looking fearfully at a big man wearing leather clothes with knives and whips hanging around his waist standing over them. To their right, Teri, also trussed and gagged was being held on the lap of a huge blonde man also dressed in leather. This guy was much bigger though. Ariel picked up a branch, the only weapon she could find. She realized Mike was missing.
She continued to look around. To her right, somewhat blocked by a huge tree, Mike was gagged and hanging from a branch, his legs swaying to a slight breeze. His eyes were blazing with fury and he was yelling muffled words to her. Ariel, shocked so much it didn't sink in that he couldn't possibly answer her, said "Mike, what's happening?"
She heard the leaves crunching behind her as the other Clansmen were returning with the tied up girls. They casually passed by Ariel and put her immobile friends on the ground to the right of Teri. ‘They’re all so big.’ Ariel thought. She stood staring, stunned. As she looked back towards Mike, she saw a man with dark, almost black hair tied at the back of his neck and dressed in a darker leather than the others, standing beside his hanging body. He was tall, well over 6 feet, and beside him was a big, brown horse. Ariel thought of the picture in the clouds that had given her chills.
He was quietly staring at her with his midnight blue eyes. Ariel was frozen in fear as he calmly walked up to her. She looked at his tanned face and it briefly flashed though her confusion that he was the most handsome man she had ever seen.  As the man got closer, she had to stretch her neck back to look up at him. She raised her arm to strike him with the branch and in a lightening quick move his hand was around her wrist, stopping the swing. He smiled at her and said "Mine." Ariel screamed right before she fainted.

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Love it!

Candace I love you! When we first met thru our mutual friend Maggi I was so excited to have found the best of two worlds....vampire erotica! The book was great, character development was good an if your into bondage well this book has plenty! Sensual an interesting story line. I'm onto book II Dark Journey.
Dark Diva's Reviews
Dakota's Review: Wow – is about all this reviewer can say about Ariel’s Desire: A Novel of Vampirism and Submission. When I first requested this book I wasn’t sure what I was going to get. As an author of BDSM myself, I am well aware of the vast spectrum that the BDSM world has – but I figured why not? I love vampire stories, so I picked it up. I’m glad that I did. In many ways the writing style of Ms. Smith reminds me of Jennifer Campbell’s. (That’s not a bad thing though. I happen to love Ms. Campbell’s Ranexx stories.)

While I thoroughly enjoyed this story, I will be quick to warn, this book isn’t for the faint of heart. There are parts that many will say are degrading and excessively violent. Of course there is also the m/m aspect that many will protest. I do have to say Ms. Smith did a wonderful job of creating her world. With dark brooding vampires who are only looking for their one true mate, to the dash of Native Americans who still practice the old ways, this read is very captivating. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the second book by Ms. Smith.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Dakota!


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