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Life is great!  I live 'in the woods' in the middle of the forest on a lake.  It's a perfect place for writing and has the added benefit of allowing me a morning or evening kayak break whenever I choose.  I miss my miniature horses from the ranch I shared with my father, but beginning over after so many years has been interesting.

That 'redneck' flavor you sometimes see in my heroines comes naturally, and it was one of my kayaking river trips that led to the idea for Slip-Stream. I don't spend as much time on social sites as I should. I prefer to use my writing time on my novels, though I love hearing from my readers and do check in on my sites to answer comments.


Although I have a base idea of my story's plot, I generally shoot from the hip and let my characters take me where they want to. My work ranges from rather hard-core abduction to sci-fi romantic romps.  Through the Atlantis and Ark series, I became very close to my strong and feisty intergalactic ladies.  My current  novel will be an erotic romp through Mayan ruins.