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Atlantis Series - Book 5

Drifting helplessly in space, short of supplies, Sharrell and many of the other women are sold to aliens by their unscrupulous spaceship captain in return for the means to settle on an inhabitable planet.

Worse, it quickly becomes clear that the aliens want the women to become their mates, and the alien families invariably consist of one set of twin males and one female who is expected to be submissive and to endure the dominant and often painful demands of her two husbands. It had been that way for centuries. The females of that planet always gave birth to one set of male twins followed by one girl, and it should have continued without a problem. A rare natural occurrence had altered the usual course of events, and the birth of a second set of male twins in each family had led to the shortage of mates, an unthinkable situation for the male twins and for their insatiable sex-drives.

The Earth girls, however, are not prepared to simply accept the situation…


An erotic sci-fi romance, the last in the “Atlantis” series.

Sharell winced. “I’m not getting into bed with two men I just met.”


Chaya’s eyes narrowed, and he realized she was searching for a sign of his strength and testing his ability to control their hierarchy. Dark father had warned some primitives would question his dominance. With some species, if he failed to convince her, she would try to choose another. “Tian, get me her collar.” Chaya fought to keep his anger from surfacing. He thought his mate understood his dedication after retrieving the tablet.


Sharell’s stomach cramped, but she kept her eyes on his. She saw Tian from the corner of her eye hand the wide black strap to his brother. Sliding her long legs around, she reached out to kick him and propel herself back to the couch. She cringed at Chaya’s glare.


“The Commander has ordered all mates collared.” Chaya felt a surge of arousal run through him. He had wondered if they would ever find a mate worthy of their collar.


“He meant the Casiquas so they can be seen,” she shot back. Anger was replacing her fear.


“All mates.” Chaya let go of her arm and grabbed her braid, pulling until she shrieked and rose to her feet.


Her fists pummeled against his chest and he felt Tian’s distress, though he stayed out of the argument. Shadowed under Sharell’s anger, he shared his brother’s arousal and need to place their collar on her. Tian had never seen a woman attack her mate, but it looked like Chaya was not surprised.


Tian held her chin and turned her head so she was looking into his pale blue eyes while Chaya locked on the training collar. “Calm, Sharell. We physically cannot join until after the ceremony. It is an impossibility bred into our kind since ancient times. No other male can ever have you, except the twins you hold ceremony with.”


Her fists stopped ripping at Chaya’s hands and her gaze fixed on Tian’s features. See how she already calms by my words, Chaya. Tian was thrilled with his progress. He was worried light father’s teachings might not have an effect on this new species.


“Oh,” Sharell whispered. “I’m never going to figure this out. Between your size and your weirdness…” Her eyes filled with uneasy confusion.


Chaya released her into his brother’s arms. “We aren’t weird,” he scowled, stripping in front of her and dropping his clothes on his way to the sleeping platform.


Sharell stared at the taut muscles of his butt while he walked. If Tian had not coaxed her to follow him towards the chair, she would have remained frozen in place. “Come on, light father told me what mother enjoys, so I know what to do.”


“What to do? To me?” Her voice sounded far away. All the time they spent together seemed like an instant. I can’t get naked in front of two men.


Tian felt her panic, and Chaya called out, “Sachan, Tian.”


“Yes, brother.” He poured a small glass, considering the wine she drank at dinner.


“I don’t want it. This is wrong.” For some reason, she could physically battle Chaya, but Tian’s voice and soft urges seemed to hypnotize her.


“Drink, Sharell.”


“Please.” She began crying again, but Tian could feel his brother’s push to make her comply.


She needs rest, Tian, as do we. That will not happen until she is peacefully sleeping between our protection.


Once more, Tian felt the sting of not recognizing this. Chaya was right. It had been a long, eventful day for all of them. “Drink, Sharell. That’s right. Now, you’ll feel better.”


“Now I’ll be drugged so you guys can… can…”


“Can what, little mate? Pamper you and let you know how much you mean to us? Let you know how happy we are that our search has finally ended and we can finally build our family?” He held her against his chest until he felt her calm.


“Tian, this is wrong,” she sighed. His warm chest felt so good against her cheek. Her arms wrapped around him and she inhaled his soft scent.


His hand stroked down her back. “You can feel it is not, Sharell. Inside you, you know you are just frightened.”


Chaya lay back in bed with the blanket thrown back, ready to cover Sharell. He watched Tian through soft brown eyes with expectation on his face. Tian slipped the band off the end of her hair and lifted her feet to pull off her boots. Her head remained buried against his chest and she quivered occasionally.


How much did you give her?


Just a drop. I don’t think she’s had much wine before, though. Tian slid her leggings down and lifted her tunic. “Arms up.”


“It’s wrong,” she murmured.


“Okay.” Tian watched his brother’s eyes, scanning their mate’s body.


She’s beautiful, Tian. Wait ’til you see.


Tian slipped his fingers through a thin strip of cloth covering her and he pulled it down, rolling his palms over her bottom. Neither man had questioned the cloaking covered an imperfection. They realized she could not travel safely through the Manerea vessel with her beauty on display, and their men were cowards and unable to protect their women. “Into bed.” He lifted her and laid her down so her head rested on Chaya’s chest.


Tian stripped and lay behind her, curling against her and continuing to wash her with his calming caress. Her head rubbed on Chaya’s chest muscles and he groaned, slipping a slightly shaking hand over her hip.


It is worse… and better…. Her skin is so soft and warm.


This is even more difficult than watching our brothers with Milana, Chaya agreed. His hand slid up her rib cage and curled around to cup her breast.


Tian thrust between her thighs. Her bottom pushed back against him and he shuddered.


Careful, Tian, or you will have a most uncomfortable weight to carry until our bonding ritual.


I understand now how this trial of bonding denial strengthens our family. Even I feel the urge to rip apart any man who looks on our mate.


I did not give Laiya the respect he deserved for his control, Chaya agreed.


How do we last six months until our return to Actana for the ritual? I will burst before then. Tian buried his face in her tresses and inhaled her scent.


Chaya smiled and rested his lips on his sleeping mate’s forehead. Father is anxious to get home, and he told me he would slip the Cathisis into hyperdrive just after dinner. I felt our change in speed while we walked back to our quarters. Chaya pressed a kiss onto her head. We will be orbiting Actana by morning.

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