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Lacy was on her way back to college when she was kidnapped. Stripped naked, bound and thrown into a cage, she has no idea what is going to happen, but the sadistic men who have taken her know exactly what they intend to do with her. She is to be trained as a sex slave, tortured and punished until she is properly submissive and obedient, and then taken from the training camp up the mountain to be a sexual servant for the “elders” living there.


For Lacy, it is her worst nightmare come true. And yet… she cannot stop her body reacting in the most unexpected way to the pain, the torment… and the sex.

“You were warned about this, Carla.” The tall man glared down at the trembling young woman kneeling at his boots. His two brothers stood on either side of him, silently waiting for his verdict.


The naked girl’s shoulders shook with an occasional silent hitched sob, and tears trailed muddy paths over her cheeks. She knew better than to utter a sound. She had been warned about that, too. The three men did not mind tears and an arousing whimper, but they detested sobbing and wailing. Her arms were bound behind her again, and the scratches and bruises on her body from her latest failed attempt to escape were throbbing.


The man before her reached to the ring dangling from the front of her collar, and she winced at the metal click of the leash he clipped onto it. His deep voice resonated words that made her freeze. “Silas, take her on up.”


Silas frowned and replied, “I hate to give them another one. She didn’t make it that far, and hell, it only took us a couple of hours to catch her.”


Jonas sighed. “Don’t argue with me, Silas. Look at her, she’s all cut up again, and the gash on her thigh is probably going to leave a scar. That eats into our profit, and I don’t want them to give us less than what we’re going to get as it is, so I say, we cut our losses with her. Abram, what do you think?”


Abram shook his head, more than a little disappointed with the time wasted on the cowering young woman. “Silas, take her on up to them. You know Jonas is right about this. She isn’t worth the trouble breaking if she’s going to end up all marked up from running. They’re probably going to pay us for the delivery and throw her into the cages. She’s only half trained, but they won’t spend the time getting her ready for an elder if her looks are messed up.”


“Dammit, we’ve only had her two months.” Silas rubbed his crotch as if his cock was already missing the use of the girl’s tight, moist pussy. “How long are you going to wait to snag another one?”


Jonas put a consoling hand on his youngest brother’s shoulder. “Abram and I will head over to Arkansas while you’re gone. Two states away should be plenty of distance, and it’s the end of summer so kids will be traveling back to college and I don’t anticipate any trouble getting a replacement for her.” Jonas lifted Carla’s chin, and his dark eyes penetrated through her fear. “You fucked up, little girl. You could have spent another couple of months with us, maybe even through winter, if you hadn’t gotten yourself all scarred up. Now, you get to spend a few days traveling up the mountain with Silas.” Jonas knew she was terrified of his younger brother. He seemed to have inherited their father’s vicious, cruel streak, and he suspected Silas was the main reason she kept taking off. He enjoyed the panic washing over her features.


“Please, Master Jonas,” Carla’s frightened whisper was almost too low to be heard. “I won’t try to leave again.”


Jonas’ mind had already dismissed the pathetic slave at his feet as he looked forward to the pleasure of breaking in a new girl. “Silas, go on and get her ready. Just make sure you clean her up before you get into camp. We might as well try to salvage something out of her.” Jonas and Abram walked into the cabin to pack for the trip, smiling at the girl’s whimpers as Silas hauled her to her feet.







5.0 out of 5 stars
Interesting January 9, 2012

By K. Keyes

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

If you like dirty and raunchy reading, then you will like this. This review wants me to write more than 20words and I really haven't anything more to say but what I already said. Good Book and kept me interested.



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