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Sabra and her friends were prisoners – again, used and abused by men convinced that it was their right and their duty to control and punish women for their own good.  Whipped, bound, sexually assaulted and in pain, Sabra cannot understand why such treatment arouses her.  She must escape, and yet it seems inevitable that fleeing from one group will only lead to capture by another, sooner or later. The plague that wiped out most of the world's population had an unexpected effect on the few for whom it did not prove fatal.  For men, their male characteristics were enhanced, both physical and mental.  The desire to have women under their control became overpowering, and their urges would not be denied.  For women, the changes were far more subtle...
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Posted March 26, 2012


Great bok i recomend it to anyone you enjoys bioks on uprising




4.0 out of 5 stars Good enjoyable story August 24, 2011

By Rad Ryder

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This was not as heavy or sadistic as I thought it would be.


Post apocalyptic America where very few people survived pits sex against sex in a disturbing way. Women band together to stay away from the brutal sadists men have become. Sabra and her band of women get captured several times and each time must endure sexual torture but also their surprising and unwelcome arousing responses. Each time they escape, they loose a member of their gang.


The conclusion is surprising and leaves a question mark on a potential HEA. It's up to the individual reader to decide. Personally, I like it when an author gives me the benefit of the doubt to make up my own mind on their ambiguous cues on the what the future might hold.


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